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RUSH: No matter what else is happening, the state of the economy will play a pivotal role in the 2018 and 2020 elections. That’s why a story in their beloved New York Times has to be shaking Democrat leaders to their core.

The story reinforces what I’ve already told you. Trump’s tax cuts are having a dramatic impact. The Times reports that for the first time, the new tax law has more supporters than detractors. A majority, 51%, now approve of it, 46% do not. The Times links that change to Democrats’ falling poll numbers.

The article profiles a member of the politically “precious” category. An Independent female, a schoolteacher who typically votes Democrat. Although she initially opposed the Trump tax plan she found out it will help the startup tech company that her husband works for. So her opinion changed.

It’s not just Independents who are changing their view. Support among Democrats was only 8% in December. Today, its 19%. And now almost half of the public thinks the tax law will directly benefit them.

When people vote, they’ll answer a simple question. Would they rather have more money in their wallets from a strong, growing economy? Or go back to the gloom, misery, and stagnation that Democrats called “the new normal”?

It’s an easy choice, wait and see.

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