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RUSH: The Los Angeles Times reports on the growing “tensions” between two groups of immigrants. Both groups are in America illegally.

The Times introduces us to Sam, who crossed the border from Mexico 30 years ago, illegally. Sam puts in long hours at a clothing wholesaler. His employer – obviously a capitalist pig – doesn’t pay Sam very well. We don’t know if Sam’s getting a bonus or raise due to the Trump tax cuts. All we know is that Sam is down on his luck.

But still, Sam has kept hope alive. For 30 years he’s tried to stay out of trouble waiting for immigration reform to pass so that he could get amnesty.

But now, Sam is – in his own words – “very bitter.” There’s so much focus on DACA kids – the DREAMers – that everybody forgot about his dreams of amnesty. DREAMers were able to get work permits and people are fighting for them. Sam says the DACA kids “definitely have this sense of entitlement.”

Imagine that.

Sam isn’t alone in his bitterness. Many illegal immigrants are resentful that the DACA kids are getting a pass and that they’re not. Tensions are rising in the illegal immigrant communities. Illegal immigrant communities, think of that.

Anyway, since we’re talking about dreaming, here’s a dream. Perhaps one day the Los Angeles Times will honestly report what legal immigrants who followed all the rules, what do they think, what do they want, if they dare. Don’t look for it though.

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