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RUSH: When President Obama assumed office, the Senate and House were in Democrat hands — and that was the case for two years. They passed all kinds of partisan legislation including Obamacare and that spending bill called the stimulus or “Porkulus” that was really a money-laundering operation for their union buddies.

Now in those years, the Democrats had every opportunity to pass “comprehension immigration reform.” Republicans were powerless to stop them. But despite pandering to Hispanic pressure groups, the Democrats never tried to pass immigration reform. Not once!

Obama repeatedly told these groups he couldn’t single-handedly legalize DREAMers, ’cause that would be unconstitutional. But then he changed his mind. As his time in office was ending, he issued an executive order granting amnesty to a portion of them. It was unconstitutional then and still is today.

That brings us to President Trump. In his immigration plan, he offered a real pathway to citizenship for almost two million DREAMers. In return, he asked Congress to finally deal with border security and true immigration reform.

Last week, Democrats in the Senate blocked it! They are demanding no consequences for sanctuary cities that ignore federal law. They are demanding that chain migration and a broken lottery system stay in place.

And once again, Democrats turned their backs on the so-called DREAMers. Maybe one day these people will realize that Democrats are not their friends. To Democrats, DREAMers are political pawns. In a rigged game. Hey, the Democrats could have passed gun control in those first two years. Not even a chance that they tried.

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