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RUSH: Here’s Larry in of all places, Bexar County, Texas. We were just talking about this last week or earlier this week. How are you doing, Larry?

CALLER: Oh, thanks Rush. Mega, mega el mucho dittos here.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I know you get emotionally spent talking about the media daily, and I thank you for it, and I hope you get to hit some balls this weekend. But I caught an old transcript on your dad’s remarks to your friends who were hanging out at your house and they loved to listen to his stories and political savvy. And he talked about journalist Sander Vanocur, who was a progressive. I’m paraphrasing, your dad posed the question to friends: Don’t they know anything about the history regarding propagandists and their fate with totalitarian regimes? They’re one of the first in the new society to be taken out, useful idiots, along with intellectual doctors, teachers, actors, etc. I thought that was interesting. I thought it was some interesting that every generation needs to know. Could you elaborate on this to us all?

RUSH: Sure, I’d be happy to.

CALLER: Be careful what you wish for type of thing.

Sander Vanocur

RUSH: What my dad, what old Lar here is talking about is that over the years I’ve described my dad as passionate, opinionated and fearless. And in junior high — even high school — there were many Friday nights that my friends said, “Let’s go to your place and get your dad riled up instead of going out and trying to find a keg of beer or going to the teen town dance hall,” or whatever it was. And so they’d come over and somebody would come up with some comment about anything in the news. And he was off and running.

He would sit there and pound the table he was sitting at: “You boys are going to be slaves if this media isn’t stopped. You boys are going to be slaves.” He firmly believed that the worldwide left was attempting to undermine America. The Sander Vanocur story, I forget the specific event. My dad did not like Sander Vanocur at all. I’m sure it was related to Nixon. Sander Vanocur worked at NBC News and ABC and he was a smug and smarmy, just typical arrogant know-it-all, talked down to everybody about everything.

And my dad, watching Sander Vanocur report something one time, said, “You know, this guy, he loves the communists. He loves the Soviets. And what he doesn’t get is, if they ever do take over this country, it’s people like him that are going to be taken away first.” Meaning the journalists. Meaning the people that have access to free speech. They’re going to be the first ones strong marched to the gulag. The last thing communist leaders want is anybody having anything to do with the press, if it’s not sate controlled.

So that’s what Larry is referring to, that these journalists, who have all this admiration for left-wing dictators, don’t have the slightest idea. They don’t realize that, if they ever had the great good fortune to live under a dictator, they would be the first ones marched away to prison. That was one of his points. It’s amazing to me what people remember as they listen to the program.

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