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RUSH: On Sunday, my annual February appearance with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, and every… It will be like the second segment. They usually open up with somebody, the news of the day, and then the second segment of first half hour is me, if this holds true. Sometimes they open with me, but usually it’s the second segment. Chris asks me for, essentially, a papal dispensation from you. It’s only a 12-minute segment, at max 15.

And he wants to discuss four or five things. I don’t know what they are yet, but he sometimes finds it necessary to interrupt me. When he’s done that in the past, he has been deluged with emails and phone calls from some in this audience berating him for having the audacity to stop me from speaking. He says he must do that in order to keep it going. ‘Cause I do have a tendency… I mean, I could spend 20 minutes answering a single question, depending what the question is. I try to be brief in these TV appearances.

Because you don’t have time. I don’t have the time to develop an answer and put it in story form to make it typically compelling and interesting, persuasive, as I do here. I practice it; I work on it. But he does… I do not get mad at him for interrupting me. I just want you to know that he’s doing this to move it along. He’s not interrupting me when he thinks I’m on the verge of being brilliant, because that’s pretty much the case the whole interview. So that’s not the issue. But I’ll remind you of this again before the program ends tomorrow.

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