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RUSH: On Monday, CNBC ran a piece titled: “A Nightmare for Democrats: Trump Is Getting More Credit for the Economy.”

Some executive must have gotten heartburn. A few hours later, a new title appeared on the article: “Trump Isn’t Getting More Popular, But His Policies Are.”

CNBC claims something really unusual is happening in American politics. Voters are separating “the personal from the political.” Even though Trump’s poll numbers remain historically weak, voters are becoming very positive about the economy. And they are giving Trump the credit.

As evidence, CNBC cites a February 7 Quinnipiac College poll. Amazingly, 70 percent said the economy is “excellent” or “good.” That’s up dramatically from Obama’s years. CNBC says Americans are coming to terms with the idea that they may not like Trump personally, but they like what he’s doing on the economy. The No. 1 issue, by the way, when it comes to elections.

And now that people are seeing more money in their paychecks, thanks to Republican tax reform, poll numbers on that issue are moving up, too, which, according to CNBC, represents a “double whammy” for Democrats. The Democrats who belittled tax reform and did not put up one vote to support it.

The Drive-Bys can change headlines but the fact remains, a great economy under Trump is a nightmare for Democrats. Anything good for America is a nightmare for them. And it’s a nightmare they deserve.

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