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RUSH: From The Politico: “The Trump administration is proposing to save billions in the coming years by giving low-income families a box of government-picked, nonperishable foods every month instead of food stamps. … Asked about how delivery would work, USDA spokesman Tim Murtaugh clarified that states would ‘have flexibility’ in how they choose to distribute the food to SNAP recipients.”

But the basic idea is to not deliver it, not distribute it at all, but rather have warehouses where the recipients come pick it up. I mean, after all, it’s free. Why wouldn’t they come get it? The idea is to save money. The idea is to change the culture. Now, the poverty pimps are never gonna go for this. But, hey, we’re giving away free food instead of giving you a debit card, and if you want the free food, the food stamps are about quality food. It’s not about, you know, the junk food aisles. And so we’re gonna make sure that you get the best nourished food, we’re gonna give it to you, gonna come to our distribution center to pick it up.

And you watch. This is akin to saying, “Hey, I’ll support amnesty if they can’t vote for 25 years.” “Screw you, Limbaugh. There’s no way I’m supporting that.” Well, thank you, you’re proving your point that it’s not about kids, it’s not about the people, it’s about future voters. I just told you that I would join you in granting amnesty to however millions there are, but they can’t vote for 25 years, and you can’t support that. I thought you cared about the people.

I’ve offered I don’t know how many times over the years to support amnesty if the newly recognized cannot become citizens for 15, 10 years, 15, 25 years, whatever it is, can’t vote immediately. Not one Democrat has offered take me up on it. Same thing here. Food stamps. We want to help people who can’t afford food. We’re gonna give them food. They have to come pick it up. Nobody on the left’s gonna support this ’cause it defeats the whole purpose of the program. The purpose, Santa Claus does not make you go to the North Pole. You do not have to climb up the chimney to get your stuff. Santa Claus comes to you.

“Administration officials pointed out that USDA already distributes commodities. Currently, such food items are largely shipped to schools, food banks and other organizations — which in turn distribute the food to those who need it.”

Why not do that with the food stamp program? Well, it used to be done that way. I’m gonna tell you something. When I was growing up, we had a family friend, he was a farmer. His name was Norman Weiss. And somehow Norman got welfare cheese and butter. And, folks, I’m telling you, you had never tasted, the butter, you couldn’t buy it. I asked my dad, “How in the world — this is delicious.” And it was in giant blocks and in giant circular patties, like circles of cheese. I mean, it was huge.

We called it welfare butter, but it was the butter that was given to the poor. And it wasn’t Land O’ Lakes and it wasn’t lightly salted or salted. I mean, USDA was written all over it, and it was unbelievable. I still have never tasted butter like it. The cheese I don’t remember, but I imagine the cheese was — the butter, I’ve never forgotten how it was packaged. I’ve never forgotten how it tasted. And I’ve never forgotten my dad’s comments about it. He-he-he-he-he. That’s Norman Weiss’ laugh, by the way. He-he-he-he-he. Anyway, it was fun listening to Norman. He’d talk about an atomic attack now and then.

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