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RUSH: From the Morning Consult… It’s a polling outfit. Remember, I don’t care about any of this, but they do. You would not believe the number of people who live and die by these things. I remember I had dinner with Tim Russert and his wife, Maureen Orth, way, way, way, way back when I lived in New York. It was back during the Perot, George H.W. Bush, Clinton era. I forget. We were nowhere near an election, it was still two years away, and Tim was just reciting every poll he knew about and what it meant, two years out.

And all these people in the Drive-Bys, the Washington establishment, think tanks, K Street, polling is their daily nourishment. So given that they’re looking at this and it’s affecting them, then I share it with you, I tell you about it. It’s not because I think it means anything yet. Of course, we’re like everybody else. Polls that are good, “Oh, yeah, baby! We’ll take ’em.” Polls that are bad, “They don’t mean anything right now.” And both are true.

But the Morning Consult: “Trump Makes Gains Ahead of Midterms, But” they couldn’t leave it there. “But Risks Remain for GOP — Political experts say rise in net approval ratings among voters reflects in part a solid U.S. economy. In January, 44% of voters approved of Trump’s job performance; 51% disapproved. January rating represents 2% rise from September, 4% increase from November. After losing voter support in every state during his first nine months in office, President Donald Trump is beginning the second year of his term with his popularity on the upswing,” according to Morning Consult.”

The numbers don’t really matter. That trend line is what matters to all these people, and it’s gonna be a factor in the Mueller investigation. It’s gonna be a factor in, well, this whole year. Democrats, if they continue to lose ground in the so-called generic ballot poll… Remember just a month or two ago they thought a slam dunk. Winning the House in ’18 a slam dunk. Now they’re becoming less sure of this, and it changes the way they behave.

And this, if Trump’s popularity continues to increase, folks, we’re gonna actually see people literally go insane on television. It’s going to… We’re gonna see meltdowns of people like Jeffrey Toobin and any number of these people who’ve had themselves convinced since Trump was inaugurated that Trump is gone, that they’re gonna get rid of Trump. The Russian investigation, something! They’re gonna get rid of Trump, They were gonna drive a wedge between Trump supporters and Trump.

That was gonna be how they were gonna do it! If they could somehow convince Trump voters that Trump is not worth it, then that’s it; it’s over for Trump. They haven’t been succeeded. I know you’re gonna find this maybe arguable, but in terms of their long-term objective, they are not succeeding right now. It’s going the wrong way for ’em. And public polling on the investigation is going the wrong way.

And you have to remember: These people lie to themselves every day about things and how well they’re doing and how robust the anti-Trump “resistance” is and how it’s gaining ground. And it isn’t. And you could tell, these people, when the tax cuts are passed, they knew, because they had to lie to everybody. They said, “Your taxes aren’t gonna get cut. Everybody’s taxes are going up.” Well, as Morning Consult points out, much of Trump’s increase in the polls is due to the economy and the tax plan.

And isn’t it a shame, there’s not a single Democrat that voted for it. They can’t claim any credit whatsoever. All they can do is lie to you and tell you it’s phony and it’s not sustainable and it won’t last and elect Democrats to soften the blow of when it all crashes. I wouldn’t want to be them and have to come say that. Even Schumer! I told you yesterday, Chuck You, he was in Louisville. He made a speech, and he actually said…

See, when Democrats talk to each other and there’s only one camera there, they feel a little bit more secure than otherwise. And Chuck You told his supporters: Anti-Trump isn’t enough, gang. We need an economic message. And then he detailed what message. We need an economic message of prosperity for the middle class. I’m laughing to myself, “What do you think’s happening right now?

“What do you think? Wages are going up, bonuses being given, and benefits packages are expanding, new jobs are being created, jobs Obama said were never coming back are coming back. What do you have to offer the middle class that you haven’t already given them in 50 years? What do you have to offer them that’s better than what’s happening now?” They don’t have anything. They’ve been counting their chickens before they’ve hatched.


RUSH: Sherrod Brown — major, major Democrat, huge leftist Democrat — this afternoon in Washington, bipartisan meeting with congressional members and cabinet members. Sherrod Brown said this to Donald Trump…

BROWN: I very much appreciate the work that Ambassador Lighthizer has done generally and specifically on [Section] 232, and — and I want to talk for a moment about NAFTA. I sent the president the transition staff three days after the election, sent him a letter outlining what we could do together in trade. The president — thank you — sent back a nice handwritten note about that. I appreciate working together on everything from TPP, to nonmarket economy status, to 232, to the washing machine case, to all of those issues. And I asked in the washing machine case is 3,000 jobs in a small town in northwest Ohio. So that really matters to a lot of families. I’m hopeful we can do quick action on 232. Also, I will just conclude that we can work on NAFTA together.

RUSH: Now, you may want to rely on polls but here you’ve got… Is it “Sher-RID” or “Sher-ROD”? He’s a big liberal Democrat in Ohio heaping praise on Trump for Trump’s economic policies and plans. That is… You probably will not see this sound bite on CNN. Let’s see where this come from. (muttering) Well, I don’t know what the source of this is. Maybe it was actually the meeting itself. I don’t know what network. But I guarantee the Drive-Bys are not gonna. This confirms every poll out there that Trump is gaining in popularity.


RUSH: The earth may be moving. A little bit more time needed to detect it, but it could well be happening.

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