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RUSH: I’ll tell you, everybody wants to know, “What poll shows 50% of the American people think the investigation’s tainted?” That’s IBD. Investor’s Business Daily, the TIPP poll. And they were the most accurate poll in the presidential campaign, and I think for the last three cycles, yeah, but there’s one other thing about them. They were only one of two to get the election right. That’s what I was trying to think of. Only two polling units, Nate Silver, none of these clowns got it right, but these people did.

Now, I have some backup and thanks to our old buddies at CNN — have you, by the way, a little media sideshow here. The new — not the new. The CEO of the New York Times, this is not the new punch Pinch Sulzberger kid, this is the CEO, says that print newspapers are done in 10 years. They don’t exist in 10 years. I don’t think that’s true.

Somebody’s gonna be publishing something, because there’s always gonna be gummers and codgers that are not gonna want to sit there with their phones ’cause it’s too small to read. They’re gonna need something like a newspaper, something they can touch with their magnifying glasses and eyeglasses to read it. It’s not gonna be the end of print, just like CDs were not the end of vinyl, am I right? Okay.

They think it’s all going digital. And, in fact, the New York Times I think has increased their digital subscribers by 187,000. So the New York Times is clearly banking on digital being the future, and they think that’s especially important because that’s how they think Millennials do everything now. Millennials go to the bathroom on their phones. Millennials watch TV on their phones. Millennials play with Facebook on their phones. They have sex on their phones. So everybody wants to be in the way of Millennials and what they do online.

Isn’t it fascinating, then, to learn that CNN is getting ready to lay off minimum 50 people from their digital division? Not the on-camera loser division. From the digital division, 50 employees. ‘Cause it hasn’t worked out. They’ve got all these digital programs, like one of their infobabes has a series on American Woman. And it’s apparently profiles of women who’ve exuded great courage in things and so forth. Nobody’s watching ’em, not just that one, but any of them. They’re getting ready to close these units down.

How does that jibe with the New York Times thinking everything in the future is digital? Now, part of this is CNN getting ready to pare down, getting ready to be taken care of by AT&T Time Warner — or AT&T. They are part of Time Warner now if that merger goes through.

Anyway, CNN sent one of their ageless reporters, a guy named Martin Savidge, they sent him out there into the jungle to basically talk to Trump supporters. It’s a jungle to them. You need a visa. You need a unit director to tell you where, you know, “We’re going to Kentucky. Can you tell me where that is?” Have to take somebody with ’em. It was on Erin Burnett OutFront, Martin Savidge reporting about a group of Trump supporters in Iowa. Now, when you hear these people, keep in mind the IBD poll, 50% the American people think this investigation is worse than bogus, that it’s a scam. Here’s the first bite with these people in Iowa talking about Trump.

SAVIDGE: These voters trust Trump, but they do not trust the Russia investigation.

VINCENTE JAVIER: Political witch hunt from the get-go. To be honest it’s a disgrace.

SAVIDGE: They don’t believe in the investigation because they don’t believe the investigators. Do you have faith in the FBI?




VINCENTE JAVIER: No, absolutely not.

SAVIDGE: You think that the FBI has a political bias in this case?

VINCENTE JAVIER: I believe yes.


KEVIN SLAMAN: I want to preface by saying it’s not the FBI, it’s the leadership of the FBI that has politicized this.

RUSH: By the way, the guy’s name, the number one guy whose voice you heard most in this, Javier. Javier. Not Adolf, Javier, a Hispanic Trump fan thinking the investigation is bogus and a scam. It backs up the IBD poll. Here is the next bite.

SAVIDGE: Do they believe the President has attempted to derail or obstruct the Russia investigation?




JAVIER: I mean, he said bring it on.

SAVIDGE: They all knew of the Nunes memo, but are divided on the Democrat memo. Do you want to see that as well?

SLAMAN: Yes. Yes, full transparency.

NEIGHBOR: I don’t. No need to read the Democratic memo. I’m ready to move on.

RUSH: Right. Now, remember, the average CNN viewer doesn’t know the Nunes memo, don’t know who he is, they never heard of Fusion GPS. So the average CNN viewer’s watching, “What Nunes memo? What, what do you mean? I don’t know about that.” If they do know about the Nunes memo, it’s that Nunes is insane and has made up a bunch of lies and that Adam Schiff is trying to save the day. That’s what CNN viewers know. And here’s the final bite. Last one, it’s Martin Savidge wrapping up kind of like Nic Robertson wrapped up from Tahrir Square in Cairo.

SAVIDGE: It’s pretty clear from that conversation and from others that I’ve had with Trump voters that many of them believe that the Russia investigation is nothing more than a political scheme that was fabricated and now is being perpetuated by Democrats and others who just simply can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is president.

RUSH: Amazing. In case you CNN viewers didn’t get the message, there is the summary of what this report produced. “It’s pretty clear from the conversation and from others that I’ve had with Trump voters that many of them believe the Russia investigation is nothing.” He was vomiting it out there. So that dovetails nicely with the IBD poll.

I’m just telling you that once the numbers hit 50% and if they stay there or get higher than that, this is gonna be pressure that the Democrats are not gonna want on this. None of this, folks, is how this was supposed to happen. Trump was supposed to be in jail by now. Trump was supposed to be out of office by now. They were gonna prove Russia colluded in two months. They’ve got nothing.

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