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Feb 12, 2018


“The highest concentration of hate that we find in the country today is not somewhere on the fringe right, but right in the mainstream of the Democrat Party and in the mainstream of the media.”

“The media treats the arrival of the sister of Kim Jong-un as a feature profile, as they would any of the athletes participating in the games. They fall in love with this woman, who is the sister of a genocidal mass murderer. They fall in love with this woman simply because they think she upstages Mike Pence, the vice president of the United States.”

UKDM: North Korean ‘Army of Beauties’ in Charm Offensive: Cheerleaders Selected for Their Looks Steal the Show at the Winter Olympics.. But They Face Prison if They do Anything Wrong
Business Insider: Video Shows Kim Jong Un’s Sister Throwing a Look to the Camera While Standing Behind Mike Pence
Vanity Fair: Did North Korea’s “Charm Offensive” Work on Mike Pence?
New York Post: The Perverse Fawning Over Brutal Kim Jong-un’s Sister at the Olympics
Daily Caller: Michelle Obama Unveiled Her Official Portrait – The Audience Reaction Says It All
NewsBusters: ABC Uses Olympics to Bash Mike Pence’s ‘Anti-Gay’ Legislation, AGAIN
Bloomberg: Billionaires and Athletes Freeze as Winter Smacks Olympics
SI.comOlympics Condoms: Record 110,000 at PyeongChang 2018
Daily Caller: New Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Think It ‘Likely’ Obama Administration Spied On Trump – Derek Hunter
NewsBusters: NYT Hails Propaganda Princess for Tyrannical North Korean Regime, ‘Taking Pence’s Spotlight’
New York Times: Kim Jong-un’s Sister Turns On the Charm, Taking Pence’s Spotlight
C-SPAN2: Author Discussion on Politics
NewsBusters: North Korean Propaganda: U.S. Media Outlets Swoon for Kim Yo-jong
Twitchy: Washington Post columnist wants Bethany Mandel to apologize to North Korea (Not satire)
Politico: Trump to Demand Tough Budget Cuts for Domestic Programs
ArsTechnica: If We Gave Everyone a Decent Standard of Living, Could We Sustain It?


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