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RUSH: Our old buddy Joe Concha. Joe Concha used to write at Mediaite. I think he’s over at TheHill.com. Is that where he is? Joe Concha had one of the greatest descriptions of Drive-By Media hate for Donald Trump. He says it’s now become “performance art,” meaning it’s not even real anymore. These people are just acting. The reason why I like this is because although I didn’t use that phrase, the fact that these people are acting out — and particularly as children — throughout the Drive-By Media, it’s…

Folks, it is emotionally — it is humanly — impossible to maintain real hate of this intensity this long. No human being can do it. We simply are not made that way. Now, there are exceptions of course, but there has to be something personal about it to harbor this kind of hate. This hate is not personal. This hate is institutional, and it’s born of the fact that they still do not understand this guy and he is continuing to run rings around all of them while they think and they continue to think that he’s the biggest boob that’s ever stumbled into power in Washington, D.C.

But Concha is exactly right: Performance art. We have some audio sound bites coming up to demonstrate this. It’s all acting. They’re just… They’re obsessed, true. But, I mean, everything Trump says or does is greeted with genuine hate, and you are not allowed to waver from that hate if you’re on that side of the aisle. Otherwise, you are considered to be less than committed and sincere.

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