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RUSH: (interruption) Why are you surprised? (interruption) Do you think Quincy Jones is making it up? (interruption) Well, he’s getting… (interruption) Snerdley can’t believe that Quincy Jones is admitting to all this stuff that’s happened that he knows about, like Richard Pryor hooking up with Marlon Brando, and that Quincy Jones himself once dated Ivanka, and that… (interruption) “Michael Jackson stealing music from Donna Summer.” Look, I think he’s known all this stuff for all of this time, and decides he’s gonna unload it.

You know, nothing surprises me anymore. I don’t think there’s anything can happen in the culture — in that culture, in the left-wing culture. There is nothing that can surprise me anymore. It’s sad. It’s devastating, it’s damaging, but there’s none of it this surprises me anymore. You don’t think they’re a bunch of angels going in there, do you? (interruption) Marvin Gaye? What is the story with Marvin Gaye and Quincy…? (interruption) Okay. Marlon…? (interruption) You don’t… (interruption)

Marlon Brando gave Larry King a big wet kiss when King interviewed him over there at his house in Tahiti. Remember that? (interruption) That… (interruption) Why should any of this surprise you? (interruption) Marvin Gaye! Marlon Brando and Marvin Gaye. Why would anything, particularly…? (snorts) Don’t make me be the one to speak the obvious here. Why would any of this kind of behavior in that community, in that world, surprise you?

(interruption) Oh, it doesn’t surprise you? (interruption) You can’t believe Quincy Jones is blabbing it. (interruption) Somebody made him mad. Something happened. There has to be a reason for it. Anyway… (interruption) Well, that’s… (interruption) How old is Quincy Jones? (interruption) “He’s 85.” (chuckling) Remember… (interruption) Are you now thinking he’s making it up? You don’t think ’cause he’s 85 that he doesn’t really remember all this stuff? (interruption) Well, that may be what some of the victims say, that he’s senile and losing it, but I think that would be one of the reasons he’s unloading. (sigh)

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