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Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Don’t Hold Your Breath

RUSH: These same liberals, after smugly defending the leaking of classified government secrets for years, now insist that a four-page memo detailing actions by agents of the Obama Regime to Donald Trump’s campaign should remain secret. For the sake of national security!

The Memo Is More Damning Than I Expected

RUSH: We now know that Robert Mueller is targeting the wrong guy… The special counsel needs to be focused on the Hillary Clinton campaign, not the Trump campaign.

A Constitutional Crisis with Hillary Clinton at the Center

RUSH: If you chart all of this Russia collusion business as a wheel with spokes from the center going out to all these different players, the picture in the middle of that wheel where all of those spokes originate is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Not Excited for the Super Bowl

RUSH: I will predict that Janet Jackson will show up in the Super Bowl halftime and will not experience a wardrobe malfunction.

Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: This feature is for Rush 24/7 members. We update it in real time with specific stories I talk about on the program. And then we add any that I run out of time for and hold them over for the next excursion into broadcast excellence.

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