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Feb 1, 2018


“I can’t find any good reasons to not disclose this memo. I’ve gone through as much of this as I can absorb before it all starts to turn into a blue, purple, murky haze.”

“The FBI is a crucial law enforcement institution, and if there has been any malfeasance there, we are duty-bound to get to the bottom of it, not cover it up. But, boy, doesn’t it appear like that is what is going on here?”

“I’m getting emails asking if I have benefited from the tax cut. Well, all I can tell you is that we had to hire a Brink’s truck to bring over the next payment. You figure it out.”

FOXNews: Trump to Declassify Surveillance Memo, Sources Say – as Pelosi Seeks Nunes Ouster
Reuters: FBI Expresses ‘Grave Concerns’ Over Republican Memo’s Accuracy
National Review: Positioning over the Nunes FISA Memo Continues Ahead of Its Release – Andrew McCarthy
CNN: Schiff Accuses Nunes of Altering Memo Before Sending to White House
Federalist: Transcript Shows The Daily Beast Peddled Fake News About Devin Nunes – Mollie Hemingway
The Hill: Michelle Obama to Frightened Americans: ‘All We Have is Hope’
Politico: Eric Holder: ‘I’m Still the President’s Wingman’
Vogue.com: Michelle Obama Explains What Happened With Melania Trump’s Inauguration Gift-Giving Gaffe
CNBC: Private Payrolls Grow by 234,000 in January, vs 185,000 expected: ADP/Moody’s Analytics
Recode: Apple Is About to Report Its Biggest Quarter of All Time — And It Might Not Be Enough
Reuters: Atlanta Fed Upgrades U.S. First-Quarter GDP Growth View to Above 5 Percent
Breitbart: CNN’s Tapper: Trump’s ‘Americans Are DREAMers, Too’ Statement ‘Offensive’ to Dems
NBC: Gutierrez on Trump’s State of the Union Address: ‘Whoever Translated it for Him From Russian Did a Good Job’
Washington Free Beacon: Crowley: Trump’s Offer of Citizenship to Dreamers Was Just to ‘Take More Hostages’
San Diego Union Tribune: Focus on DACA in Publicizing Human-Smuggling Arrests Angers Immigration Advocates
FOXNews: Third DACA Recipient in a Week Arrested on Human Smuggling Charges


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