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RUSH: Well, criticism of the State of the Union speech keeps rolling in but not of Trump’s! Trump got a 70% positive reaction. Half the people say the policies outlined will help them directly — and that includes a big number here: 43% of Democrats who watched and liked it.

No, my friends, the criticism is aimed at young Joseph P. Kennedy III. Critics are taking his State of the Union response to the woodshed. They’re not focused on whatever was going on with his mouth — the drooling or the ChapStick or whatever — or the unfortunate optics of using a car as a backdrop, which brought back memories of Uncle Ted’s Oldsmobile submerged at Chappaquiddick.

Nah, here’s what liberal critics zeroed in on: Kennedy’s bilingual stunt. A host at NPR said speaking to DREAMers in Espanol assumed they don’t speak Anglais. He called that a “patronizing falsehood,” since they’ve been here since they were kids.

Others called it “exclusionary” in addition to being “condescending and ignorant.” Not all DREAMers are from Spanish-language countries, you know, so by speaking Spanish, Kennedy “erased” those from Africa or Asia.

And besides, said the critics, Kennedy’s Spanish “no es bueno.” Others laughed at Kennedy’s claim that Democrats will fight for them because Democrats threw DREAMers under the bus by caving during the government shutdown.

So, it appears that the “well-oiled” Kennedy political machine is a bit rusty. Maybe it’s been underwater for too long. You think?

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