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RUSH: If you watched the State of the Union, I hope a few moments will stay in your memory.

When he was highlighting his first-year accomplishments, President Trump said that he was proud to report that African-American unemployment is at an all-time record low, as is Hispanic unemployment.

As he spoke the cameras panned the House of Representatives and everybody in the room rose to their feet. Everyone, that is, except elected Democrats. Democrat senators and Democrat House members sat on their butts, including every member of the Congressional Black Caucasians. While everybody else applauded with jubilation they stay seated. Not only did Democrats sit, many were seen scowling, anger clearly written across their faces.

Moments later, there was more sitting and more anger when President Trump talked about the economic benefits people were already receiving from the tax cuts that passed this year. Tax cuts that were passed into law without a single Democrat vote.

During the eight years of Obama, black unemployment reached an all-time high in this country, folks. And whenever Obama fed the nation excuses, rationalizing that this dismal performance was the “new normal”, Democrats got off their butts and they applauded his every word and gesture.

America is growing again and its people are thriving. And Democrats are angry. Never forget what you saw and don’t doubt me if you didn’t see it.

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