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RUSH: Before President Trump delivered a State of the Union Address, Politico revved up the spin machine.

They predicted President Trump would get plenty of applause when he mentioned the $1.5 trillion tax cut he signed into law in December. “But” – says Politico – “with polls showing Republicans have yet to make the sale on the tax bill, it’s not clear how much the new law will help them in November.”

This is all the Democrats and their Drive-By allies like Politico have left. They’re standing on the sidelines trying to convince themselves the American people will not notice they have more money. That their paychecks are bigger. That their 401Ks are growing like gangbusters. That the economy is exploding and that more people have jobs.

Why? Because their cherished polls say so. Never once do they stop and think these are the same polls that predicted President Hillary Clinton would be delivering this State of Union Address instead of reading trashy political fiction at the Grammys.

“Republicans have yet to make the sale on the tax bill”? No, Politico, reality is making the sale. American businesses are selling the tax cuts with every bonus, every raise, benefits increase, and by repatriating billions of dollars back home into the U.S. economy.

And not one single Democrat voted for it. They don’t have fingerprints. They can’t claim credit. So Politico, let’s just see how much help Democrat get from that in November. You want to see a big fat zero?

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