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RUSH: Last week we learned California Democrats are upset with the number of plastic straws that people use. They’ve proposed a law to fine or even jail waiters who bring straws to customers without being asked.

Well, this week, the news from California is far worse. A high school history teacher, who’s also a councilman, was caught on video smearing members of the U.S. Military.

Gregory Salcido sits on the Pico Rivera City Council. But it was in his classroom where he gave the speech of his life. At least one of his students had the presence of mind to record it.

It was a profanity-filled rant, Mr. Salcido told his students people join the military because they are losers. “We’ve got a bunch of dumb [blanks] over there,” he said. “They’re not like, high-level thinkers. They’re not academic people. They’re not intellectual people. They’re the freaking lowest of our low.”

The school district refuses to comment on the videos, because it’s a “personnel matter.” Salcido ’s social media posts also contained anti-Trump rhetoric, according to news reports, which is no surprise.

Beyond insulting our military – whose boots he isn’t fit to tie – something else is troubling.

This “history teacher” obviously felt totally comfortable saying these vile things inside a classroom with no fear of accountability. It says a lot about California schools and the left in general, doesn’t it?

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