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RUSH: Let’s go back to our last caller, who also happened to be our first caller. He’s from Cleveland, and he disagreed with a point that I made yesterday (and I think I made it the day before), and that is that all of these people seeking to oust Trump from the CIA, the deep state, the FBI, the DOJ… You name it. Wherever they are. I made the point that they are arrogant and feel untouchable. I used the analogy that they are atop the Eiffel Tower looking down on us as a bunch of ants, and they know we’re looking up at ’em but we can’t see ’em.

We don’t even know who they are, I mean the real power brokers in the deep state. I’m not talking about simply the people at various agencies who leak to Maggie Haberman at the New York Times or any of the people at the Washington Post. I’m talking about the people that run those people. You don’t know who they are, and neither do I. They’re not elected, and they are careerists, and they’ve been there for longer than you would care to know.

The real power is often held in people who are so far removed from the public scene that you would have no idea. It is those people I’m referring to who are arrogant and feel untouchable no matter what happens because they don’t think anybody will ever turn on them, because it would mean the end of their careers and their futures to turn on the real power brokers here. The real power brokers are probably gonna be people that are well-moneyed as well. And there’s a rank and file in this deep state.

He mentioned Rod Rosenstein, who’s the deputy director at the FBI, and he mentioned McCabe, a deputy FBI director. Now, they’re known to us, and the caller said one of these two guys they could see the light and they could turn. His point was that once one of these people turn and gives up the game, that it’s over for everybody. All it would take is for one of these conspirators to admit that there’s never been anything to collusion. “Yeah, we took the dossier to the FISA court and we knew that it was Hillary opposition research. Yeah, we lied to the judge.”

Now, if anything along those lines happened, yeah, that could cause a house of cards to fall. And the people who admitted doing that would be in heap big doo-doo. No question. But I still believe that both things are true at the same time. I do think there is an arrogance to these people born of being in power for so long and generally getting their way in ways that we don’t even know. Washington’s not an insignificant place, folks, and what happens in Washington… There’s much more going on there than what is ever seen or reported.

There’s much more that happened. I’m not even talking about conspiracies. I’m just talking about the multiple layers of deniability that accompany real power — and real power, we don’t really see who’s exercising it. That’s part of having it, and those people I think remain — in their minds — untouchable and arrogant, and even if this thing blows up, they will survive it. Now, the underlings, the people that are actually publicly known… He mentioned McCabe and Rosenstein. I think there are also people…

Because in any organization, you’ve got the boss and you’ve got the worker bees — in any organization — and we know the worker bees. They’re the names we know. The James Comeys, the McCabes, the Strzoks, the Lisa Pages, the Andrew McCabes. These are the worker bees. These are the people carrying out whatever instructions are there. And they may totally agree with it. It may be more than they’re just carrying out orders. They may be totally into the cause themselves, and I don’t doubt that many of them are apoplectic over what could happen.

So I think both things are true, that there are some here feeling arrogant and untouchable and at the same time others very much aware how this could turnout very badly for them. But they all also realize that they have the shielding provided by the media. The media will do everything it can to protect these people. The media will take it as far as they can. But I think he’s right. I have to admit he’s right. There have to be some people that are involved in the line of the…

When I say “the line,” I mean the worker bees who have been carrying out orders who probably do have… They’ve known how flimsy this is. See, I believe that everybody in a position of power in this whole effort to get rid of Trump knows full well they’re running a hoax. I think the people that matter are fully aware they’re running a scam, and the people being ordered to carry out the scam are no doubt feeling a little nervous right now.

Our caller from Cleveland thinks it wouldn’t take much for one of those people to cave and do the equivalent of turning state’s evidence. I don’t know. I think the fear and the power held over those people is such that they will forever remain loyal to it. ‘Cause even at that level, Trump is still despised. He’s still hated. And it isn’t gonna change. But this is where, folks, I think the Democrats are actually committing suicide. They’re telling themselves they’ve already won the 2018 midterms.

They’re lying to themselves every day about how much Trump is hated, how much they are loved. They lie to themselves every day about how the American people reject Trump, how the American people wish they could have their vote over. They tell themselves this stuff. They think the American people are sitting out wringing their hands worrying about the mistake they made electing Trump.

They think the American people can’t wait for the next chance they have to fix it — and to fix it by voting for a Democrat any chance they get: House, Senate, White House, you name it. This is the world they have constructed for themselves, because they, in their minds, have an entitlement to power. It’s their birthright. When it is denied, it’s the equivalent of an earthquake, and they just can’t accept what happens or — in this case — what has happened.

It can’t be real! They couldn’t have been really have been rejected! “The Democrats couldn’t really have lost. Hillary couldn’t really have lost this thing. It has to be something else that made this happen!” They all fall into this, and they end up telling themselves this. But none of this has anything to do with the way people vote. I have a friend who believes that Trump didn’t even win the election, that Hillary lost it. His point is that there were a lot of people that voted for Trump because they just hated Hillary.

The last thing in the world, in their mind, was gonna be Hillary Clinton in the White House. Whatever they had to do to stop her! If that meant vote Trump, they voted Trump. Now, if he’s right about that — and I happen to think he is. I don’t know what percentage of Trump’s voters actually are negative voters, like voting against Hillary rather than affirmatively for Trump. But if that sentiment remains, if there is this huge anti-Democrat sentiment out there, Trump’s sitting pretty in 2020.

Because the Democrats are not doing anything to change that sentiment. Hillary Clinton was universally unpopular. The country was tired of Hillary Clinton. The country was tired of being force-fed about how brilliant and how entitled she was. The American people were fed up with “You’re telling us we gotta elect a president based on some glass ceiling needs to be broken? It’s more important than that!” Anyway, elections come and go. This election has been over for a year and… Let’s say 15 months.

And the only people still agonizing over it are the Democrats and the media. Everybody else has moved on. After an election, what do most people start paying attention to? (interruption) Well, not just how they’re doing personally, but in terms of politics, they pay attention to how the guy who won is doing! They don’t sit there wringing their hands over how he won or who should have won. It’s just like when your favorite team loses a football game. Okay, at some point you accept it and you move on.

The Democrats have not moved on. They are still in a sinkhole, and they’re getting deeper and deeper in this sinkhole by continuing to think that nothing else matters to anybody else that they lost. It’s the height of arrogance. They actually think that a majority of people are still depressed and still suicidal and still concerned over the fact the Democrats lost. The unhealthy narcissism that this is, to think the world revolves around you and your fortunes? But they do.

They think… This is part of the security cocoon they create for themselves. They’re literally telling themselves that just like they are, millions of Americans are still livid over the election and can’t let it go and can’t forget about and can’t wait to fix it — including, in their minds, some Trump voters. Now, I’m not denying that there’s some lunatics out there who haven’t let go of the election. But that’s not the vast majority of the American people. That’s not even close to a majority of the American people.

The American people are getting set to really enjoy what’s set to happen here in this year. The American people are starting to enjoy the tax cut and their bonuses, their wage increases, their new jobs. The American people are getting ready to enjoy an entirely new and different economic circumstance than they had to endure the last eight years populated by Barack Obama. But the Democrats think that everybody’s still fretting over the fact that the Democrats lost. So they’re living in a dream world right now.

They’re out of power, and because of that they are irrelevant. There have only been two things where they have suddenly become relevant, and that’s the tax bill and the shutdown over DACA — and on both of them, what happened? They got their backsides kicked in. They lost the tax bill. It’s so bad, not a single one of them voted for it and therefore there’s not a single one of them can claim any kind of attachment or credit. Just the opposite.

And they flamed out on their desire to shut down the government over illegal immigrants. That bombed out. There have been only two things since this election happened where they have appeared relevant, where what they were doing and how they were gonna vote mattered. You might say early on the Obamacare vote. We’ll give ’em three things, and in two of those three they bombed. And think of all those special elections.

Only one of them have they won — and that wasn’t special; it was a governor’s race. So my point is you will never observe what I have just shared with you if all you know is the Drive-By Media, ’cause none of what I have shared with you is ever referenced, talked about, reported on. It’s just the exact opposite. In the Drive-By Media, it’s all about what a screw up Trump is, what an embarrassment Trump is, how the majority of the American people now think Trump’s an embarrassment and want to get rid of him.

In the Drive-By Media, the Democrats are still the heroes. In the Drive-By Media, Democrats are still the people who are gonna save America. The Democrat Party is America’s salvation. “Barack Obama! Oh, could we get you back, sir?” That’s what you see in the Drive-By Media. With CNN’s 500,000 viewers and MSNBC’s one and a half-million viewers and whatever numbers of people read or listen to the New York Times podcast. Which, interestingly, brings us back to Davos and Trump being received like a conquering hero.

Which he has been. People can’t get enough of him. They can’t get close enough to him. They’re applauding. They’re celebrating. They want to be basking in the same glow that Trump is in. Success has many fathers, and everybody wants to be seen as one. And in Davos, what we’re learning is that the world’s CEOs actually still believe in business growth rather than government growth. (interruption) What can’t you believe?

(interruption) You’re floored that the businesspeople are…? (interruption) Well, like I explained in the previous hour, it is kind of strange, how this same bunch of people loved Barack Obama. You would think they’d hate Trump. You’d think they want Trump not even to be allowed in Davos. I don’t think they loved Obama. I think that’s the big smokescreen. I think they had to sidle up to Obama to get as close to him as they could to protect their businesses.

Crony capitalism. Crony socialism. They wanted to be seen as raising money for him. The racial component? You can’t deny it. So they wanted to be seen as big lovers, supporters of Obama. The racial component’s a factor, also, keeping him on your good side. Because this is a guy that what? He wants to tear down the country as founded. He wants to tear down the enemies of liberalism, which is what?

The corporate sector is the top of the enemies list of your average Democrat. How do you protect your industry if you’re a CEO and you got a guy like Obama in office? You sidle up to him. You raise money for him. You figure, “If he’s gonna win, the worst thing to do would be to oppose him and join the people who do oppose him.” But now that he’s gone, look how eagerly these same people are supporting and embracing and encouraging the Trumpster.

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