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RUSH: Disney Company says they’re going to give employees a one-time cash bonus of $1,000. About 125,000 employees in the U.S. are eligible. Disney will also put $50 million in a fund to help hourly employees with tuition costs. Once the fund is established, they will keep adding another $25 million every year.

Next came Verizon. They just announced they will give their employees stock grants worth almost $2,600 per employee.

Then one of America’s biggest and most respected corporate giants announced it will bring a significant amount of cash back home. Last year, Johnson & Johnson reported they had $16 billion outside the country. With high corporate tax rates, it didn’t make financial sense for them to bring the money back. Until now.

In a conference call with analysts, Johnson & Johnson said: It’s time. Under the new Trump tax law the corporation will bring $12 billion of that cash home immediately. Johnson & Johnson says they plan to use much of that money to pay down debt and fund American operations.

Apple. Walmart. AT&T. Comcast. Wells Fargo. Boeing. Hundreds of others. The list is growing so large it’s hard to track. All giving bonuses, raises, reinvesting in America.

I wonder: Will any of the liberals who work for these companies ever say “thank you,” to President Trump and the Republicans? Will they continue to think “it’s just crumbs” and doesn’t mean anything?

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