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RUSH: Folks, we just don’t see this. We do not see the Democrat media and the Democrat Party dumping all over its leaders for blowing it on government shutdowns. The Republicans always take it on the chin on shutdowns. The Republicans always get blamed.

The Republicans are prepared to accept the blame. But this time, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats got rolled big time by President Trump, and the Democrats and the media know it, and they are not happy about it. This just doesn’t happen. The Democrats are prepared to take the 2018 midterms, and this was gonna be an important step, and it’s been blown to smithereens! You’ve got activist groups saying that Chuck You Schumer failed to lead, failed to keep the Democrat caucus together, to fight for progressive values.

Other groups issuing a joint statement calling Schumer and other Democrats weak-kneed. So Schumer has made a move. Schumer has announced that there will be no funding for a wall in any future deal, which Trump is demanding or there won’t be a deal.

The deal’s always been some money for the wall and border security in exchange for limited amnesty for the DREAMers; and Schumer is being beat up so bad, he just stepped in it again. This is so delicious, I can’t believe we’re seeing it.


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