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RUSH: The Fox Business Channel is reporting that Donald Trump has invited Senator Chuck You Schumer to the White House to see if they can’t break the logjam on this. And the media is all excited about this. “Oh, man, oh, man, Trump called Schumer, oh, wow this is so cool, this is so cool. Schumer’s gonna go to Trump. Oh, man, this is the top of the food chain.”

Sorry, folks, it just sickens me. It just sickens me, this repetitive — I feel like I’m in Groundhog Day on this stupid thing. Part and parcel are all the polls. Oh, yeah. ABC, CBS, NBC, all the polls saying the majority of Americans blame the Republicans for the shutdown. Of course they do. That’s all part of this routine as well.

Well, even though hypocrisy never attaches to the Democrats, we keep trying. And so we’re going to illustrate — now here’s the thing about the Democrats, folks. The Democrat Party’s been saying for I don’t know how many years that shutting down government is unconscionable, shutting down government is irresponsible, shutting down government is unacceptable. It’s one of the most reckless, dangerous things that can be done. And here they are doing it for the sake of illegal immigrants.

Now, do you expect that hypocrisy to attach itself? Do you expect the American people, “Yeah, I remember the Democrats always saying how bad it is and now they’re the ones doing it.” I don’t think so. But giving it our best. We go back now to September 18 through 25 of 2013, a montage of various Democrats in 2013 discussing a government shutdown.

STENY HOYER: It is a blatant act of hostage taking.

MIKE VIQUEIRA: Republicans hold the Affordable Care Act hostage.

BARBARA LEE: The Affordable Care Act would be held hostage.

ROBERT GIBBS: Hold the running of government hostage.

BILL PASCRELL: We are not going to be held hostage by Mr. Cruz.

BILL MAHER: The House Republicans are holding hostage.

CYNTHIA TUCKER: A bunch of terrorists, who will have taken the country hostage.

BARACK OBAMA: They’re holding the whole country hostage.

RUSH: Yep. Yep. Government shutdown, Republicans are holding the whole country hostage. The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, they’re holding it hostage. This is all part of the routine. “We can’t shut down the government. We gotta be adults. It’s childish, it’s stupid, it’s dangerous, we cannot ever shut down the government.” Yet here they are doing it. Here is yesterday and last night, a montage of Democrats and media people on the government shutdown.

ED MARKEY: The Republican leadership in the House and Senate are holding 700,000 young DREAMers hostage. Stop holding these kids hostage.

CHRIS HAYES: Hold the CHIP recipients hostage or the DREAMers hostage.

LOUISE SLAUGHTER: Seniors and pregnant women and veterans hostage.

JIM MCGOVERN: Holding the health care of nine million children hostage.

KURT SCHRADER: It’s inhumane that Congress continues to hold these young folks hostage.

LUIS GUTIERREZ: You’ve got to release the 800,000 DREAMers you are holding hostage.

JASON JOHNSON: Nobody likes being held hostage. This isn’t some hostage movie where you can just shoot the victim.

RUSH: So back in 2013 the Republicans were holding everybody hostage. And here we are 2018, it’s the same thing, the Republicans are holding the DACA kids hostage, they’re holding everybody hostage. Here’s the twist. The Republicans this time are returning fire.

PAUL RYAN: The defense budget is being held hostage for DACA.

VICKY HARTZLER: Much-needed defense dollars are once again being held hostage.

MITCH MCCONNELL: Hold all of that hostage? All of that, hostage.

LIZ CHENEY: Holding it hostage over amnesty.

MARK MEADOWS: Trying to hold up the military as hostage.

DAVID PERDUE: Hold military certainty hostage.

SARAH SANDERS: The Democrats, who are holding our military and our national security hostage.

RUSH: So now we’re just trading hostage threats. The Democrats say that we’re holding everybody hostage. Now we are returning fire. No, the Democrats are holding everybody hostage. Everybody’s being held hostage. But at least we’re fighting back and we’re using their term. Mulvaney calling it the Schumer Shutdown I like.

But you can see, folks, why this is a little maddening or frustrating, because it’s just so predictable. You knew it’s gonna happen at some point. This is all the Democrats got. And now we hear that Schumer has been invited to the White House. It’s not gonna take much to budge Trump. If Schumer just says, “I’ll give you 10 feet of the wall,” Trump might do it, claiming victory. “I got the wall! I got the wall! We don’t need to shut down the government.” I hope not. I really hope not. We’ll see. We’ll see.

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