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RUSH: Apple Inc. has the largest offshore cash reserves of any company in America, over $250 billion dollars sitting in countries other than ours. But they’re going to bring it all back.

On Wednesday Apple said it’s all coming back and they’re going to pay taxes on it. Thirty-eight billion in taxes that the government otherwise would not have because of a tax cut. That’s a 15% one time repatriation rate.

They also said that over the next five years they’re going to spend $350 billion to create 20,000 new jobs right here.  And they’re going to build another campus, new data centers, and manufacturing plants. That all means a lot of construction jobs will also be created.

Now, why is this happening?  You already know the answer, it’s Trump’s tax cut.  Now remember for years liberal Democrats complained that only burger-flipper jobs were being created in America. Obama promised to be the steward of the decline. He said that these manufacturing jobs and high-skilled positions were never coming back. (imitating Obama) “I don’t know what Trump thinks, but he can’t do it.”

And remember something else. Every single liberal Democrat in Congress voted against all of this.  They voted against the hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs coming back. They voted against companies giving raises and bonuses. They voted and against you taking home bigger paychecks because your taxes have been lowered.

The Democrats were all against this. Now don’t forget this. Remember it at least until November.

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