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RUSH: Let me just tell you what I firmly believe is going on, and that means it is what’s going on. In the first place — folks, never forget this — this is what disrupting the status quo in Washington looks like. And it’s gonna look like this every day that Trump is in office attempting to disrupt.

This is what pushing back against the swamp looks like. Donald Trump was elected to do just this. The people that elected Donald Trump sent him there to turn upside down the way Washington has been working for all of these recent years, and some might even say decades. He was not sent there to get along with people that don’t like him. He was not sent there to try to make them like him. That’s a fool’s errand. It’s never going to happen.

So the Democrats now have launched every weapon in their arsenal at Trump and they’ve bombed out and they’ve now circled back to weapon number one, which is racism. And this proves to me the vacancy of their actions and their efforts. I do not believe — I’m just gonna tell you this from the get-go here — I do not believe, whether we’re talking immigration, be it total amnesty, comprehensive, or DREAMers or DACA or the wall or anything, I do not believe Democrats want a deal.

The only deal they will accept is a deal that has Trump totally capitulating, and that isn’t gonna happen. And that is what the charge of racism is all about. Chuck You Schumer was on CBS late last night, a so-called comedy show, and he said the only way Trump can really recover from this is to go ahead and give the Democrats what they want on immigration to prove that he’s not a racist.

There are now three people who were in that room at the latest White House meeting where Dick Durbin says that Trump used that offensive term that has now been used over 200 times on CNN by the actors. I mean, you talk about self-destruction and self-immolation, CNN, if you want to know how to destroy yourself, if you want to know how to set yourself on fire and fan the flames, just watch CNN.

We now have three people, and there are probably more, who are saying they never heard the word being used. They never heard Trump say it. Naturally the media’s accusing them of lying about it. The man who accuses Trump of saying it has a history of making things up that he supposedly heard in the Oval Office that were never said. One of those examples is when Barack Hussein O was in the White House.

Dick Durbin actually claimed that a Republican in a meeting with Obama told Obama, “I can’t stand to even look you in the face.” It was never said. Durbin just made it up. And Durbin probably is making this up. But even if he isn’t, I don’t have a problem with it, and I can’t find anybody who voted for Trump that has a problem with it. Because this is what disrupting the Washington establishment looks like.

I have friends who wish it weren’t this way. I have friends who voted for Trump who wish that the drama would end and that there would be some kind of comity and peace in Washington and that Trump could pick up some of the attributes and praise that other presidents have had. And I’ve repeatedly told this guy, that’s not gonna happen. In fact, if it does, then you can begin to write the epitaph for the Trump presidency. If Trump starts to look like every other president, then the whole reason he was sent there has ended. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to remind people over the past year and a half, this is what push-back looks like.

You know want to know what happened in that meeting? I’ll tell you exactly what happened in that meeting — and this is the second or third time — to understand what happened in that latest immigration meeting where the term that CNN cannot stop using was alleged to have been said.

There was a White House Cabinet Room meeting with House and Senate Republican and Democrat leaders. And in that meeting, which was televised for the first time in anybody’s memory — an actual meeting, just not the prelims — seated to Trump’s right was Dick Durbin. Seated to Trump’s left was Chuck You Schumer. Pelosi was in the room. Dianne Feinstein was in the room. All of the Democrat bigwigs, the Republican bigwigs were there. The subject was immigration. And it was televised, don’t forget.

And it was in that meeting that Trump appeared to be open to anything. Remember? Dianne Feinstein threw out that she wanted a clean DACA bill when they come back to amnesty later, and Trump stroked his chin, “Yeah. Yeah. I can work with that. I can deal with that.” Then Kevin McCarthy, House leadership member, “Uh, Mr. President, Mr. President, you don’t want that. That doesn’t have any border security in it.”

“Oh, yeah, yeah.” And the purpose of that meeting, which we all agreed upon, was to answer and respond to the lying, sewer-level comments and claims in this new book by Michael Wolff. It was to dispel the allegation that Trump’s mentally ill, that Trump is unstable, that Trump is uninterested, that Trump is losing his mind, senile, senility setting in, that Trump can’t carry on a conversation. Trump didn’t even really want to win.

And it succeeded in doing that. And it didn’t take long — and I mentioned this while we were doing commentary as it happened, and I told you at the time, Dick Durbin’s getting increasingly frustrated here because I think these Democrats have figured what’s going on. They’re being used as props. And I have no doubt that that’s what they were in there for, to be used as props. That’s why I told you at the end of the meeting, don’t panic, this was not about immigration. Trump didn’t give away the store, he’s not gonna give away the store, that was not the intention.

He’s trying to make them think that he might. I said the whole meeting has nothing to do with immigration. You can see Durbin’s face during the meeting get a little bit more frustrated as he realized, I think, how they were being used. I called it out at the time. So the Democrats leave that meeting and they are furious. Some of them, however, think, “You know what? We’re making progress. We may be softening this guy up.”

So then a meeting was scheduled in the Oval Office, and it was a meeting to present a deal to Trump. And the two people presenting the deal were none other than Lindsey Grahamnesty and Dick Durbin. And I think Senator Graham misread that meeting in the White House that was televised. Senator Graham is also desperate to get an amnesty deal. He and his buddy John McCain, as you know, have been leaders on the Republican side trying to get an amnesty deal.

They’ve been working with Democrats since the Bush administration, George W. Bush, to get a deal. And I think… I’m guessing, but I think Senator Graham actually thought that that televised meeting was a watershed moment, and so he and Durbin got together, and they presented Trump with a deal that did not contain one thing Trump wants. It was nothing more than a Democrat Party wish list that had the added insult of being co-presented by a Republican senator, and I don’t think they want a deal.

This reminds me of when Bill Clinton gave Yasser Arafat everything he was demanding when he was head of the PLO terrorist organization. It was one of the endless negotiations over, quote-unquote, “Middle East peace,” and Clinton — wanting desperately (like Jimmy Carter before him) to be the president to finally, after 4,000 years, secure peace in the Middle East. Clinton finally at Camp David offered Arafat everything he had demanded, and Arafat walked, because Arafat didn’t want a deal.

They didn’t want a deal because they don’t want to stop complaining. They don’t want to end the grievance. The grievance is the reason for existing. The grievance is the reason for fundraising. The grievance is the reason to continue to lead the PLO. Why come to a deal? Why make an agreement? That is the last thing Yasser Arafat wanted, and I’m telling you it’s the last thing Chuck Schumer wants, and it’s last thing Durbin wants. You think they want a deal where Trump gets any of what he wants?

The only thing the Democrats are focused on is winning the House this year, and that’s their sole objective. I’ve got a great story in the Stack when we get to it about (chuckles) their attempt, their so-called agenda and how they think they’re gonna pull this off, which we’ve also previously discussed. But the last thing these people want is a deal. So they present this to Trump which is an abomination. It’s a literal abomination. It doesn’t have anything in it that Trump campaigned on, that Trump agreed to or hinted at in the open meeting.

Durbin and his deal focused on a continuation of illegal immigration designed to provide a permanent underclass for the Democrat Party. Trump blew up! As he should have blown up! The deal was an insult. I’m speculating on Senator Graham’s role. I know he desperately wants comprehensive immigration reform. I’m not even gonna get into why. But I just know he wants it, and he wants it desperately, and I’m guessing that he might have mistaken the Trump intentions and mood following the televised immigration meeting.

They thought, “Maybe it’s time to go for it. Maybe we’re getting there. Maybe Trump’s at a point now where he realizes what he has to do,” and Trump just blew ’em out of the water. So Durbin makes up this comment that Trump supposedly said. Again, an increasing number of people claim they didn’t hear it. They’re now being called liars as well, even though Durbin’s the guy with experience and a history of making things up, saying that certain things were said in the Oval Office that weren’t.

This is where we are, with Trump now being a racist and now Trump has to do something to prove he isn’t. This is the playbook the Democrats have been using against Republicans for as long as you and I have been following politics. The racism card is something that’s at the top of their playbook ammo list, and they’ve used it numerous times. They’ve cycled through every weapon they’ve got. They’ve gone through cheating with Russia, collusion with Russia, obstructing justice, all of these other things.

Incompetence, insanity, unfitness, senility, all these other things. He eats McDonald’s on the bed while watching Ainsley Earhardt and Fox & Friends! All that stuff. Nothing’s worked. Now they’re back to the top of the list: Racist! And claiming that Trump has to prove he’s not. And the best way to prove he’s not is to go ahead and let Durbin and Graham have this deal and continue to keep our borders open so people from these countries that were being discussed can continue to come into the United States. The way they set it up’s transparent as it can be.

The thing is that Republicans in the past have fallen for it almost every time. It has worked I can’t tell you how many times on Republicans. But it’s not working on Trump, and you should be grateful. This is what disruption looks like, and Trump was elected to disrupt. Was he not? Disrupt, drain the swamp, however you want to term it. Trump was sent to blow it up, and it’s exactly what he’s doing.

So every time you see Dick Durbin or Chuck Schumer or Dianne Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi on television squealing and whining and moaning, you need to take that as a successful day, not as a bad day. We are conditioned to look at that as a bad day because so many people live under the false illusion that we can get along with these people, and that Washington can be nice and people can cooperate and work can get done. The Democrats do not want a deal.

Why propose something that they know Trump’s gonna reject? They want him to reject it and then they want to claim that he rejected it because there isn’t enough immigration from “white countries.” That’s what they’re out there saying, playing the race card yet again. The worst thing that could happen… You know, they’ve got a big enough problem with the economy going like gangbusters. Their media is doing a bang-up job of hiding that story.

Not only is the media hiding the story, the media is lying about the economy. They’re trying to give Obama credit for it whenever they do talk about it. Barack Obama could not create circumstances permitting this kind of economic growth if his life depended on it. He doesn’t believe in what’s happening now, because what’s happening now is the fruits of capitalism and the reduction of taxes, which means a little bit more freedom and income for everybody, including corporations.

All the things that Obama and the Democrats distrust: Corporations, people, individuals. The Dow Jones Industrial Average passed 26,000 today! The amount of wealth that has been created! I know families, I know people whose 401(k)s have gone up by $100,000 since Trump became president. That never happened under Obama! Everything went the other way. The economy was shrinking.

We were in a new era of decline and being told Obama was the brilliant mastermind of decline, the guy to properly manage it. Everybody was supposed to lower their expectations. The Democrats don’t want Trump to appear to be succeeding at anything because they want to win the House in 2018 because they want to impeach Donald Trump and convict him and throw him out of office plus get their power back.

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