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RUSH: Here’s John in Buffalo. Great to have you, John. Thanks for waiting here at the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Yeah. I’m old enough to remember “expletive deleted.” You remember that one, right?

RUSH: Yeah. (laughing)

CALLER: And I have no problem with a little off-color humor if it’s done with wit. But I’ve always wondered, how do you get away with addadictomy?

RUSH: How did I get away with addadictomy?

CALLER: Yeah. I mean it’s not exactly subtle.

RUSH: Well, you mean why have I yet to be called upon by the San Francisco community or the —

CALLER: The FCC. It’s a little obvious.

RUSH: Some people may not know what you’re talking about here and explaining it will explain why I get away with. There’s nothing to get away with here. This is brilliant, brilliant, creative use of the language to convey a bevy of thoughts in one word. The origination of the word, San Francisco, again, folks, there were massive protests on the part of city employees demanding that the City of San Francisco pay for sex-change operations. It was a very important deal, and many on the San Francisco city council — I don’t know what they actually call it, but they approved it, thought it was a great thing.

And it was in the news quite a lot. This is years ago. But it was in the news quite a lot, and there were quotes from various city employees, some were women who wanted to become men and vice-versa. And so I had to find ways to shorten what I was talking about so I wouldn’t get distracted by process. And so the female-to-male sex-change operation became the addadictomy.

And to this day there has not been a single objection filed. Of course, there will be now, John, since you brought it up and made me explain this. And of course then the other way is the chopadickoffamy when you’re going the other way. That was not referenced as much, but they both have seen their day.

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