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RUSH: The Trump administration is asking Congress for new authority to acquire land near our Southern border so they can fast-track building the wall.

The request was delivered to Congress in a document prepared by Homeland Security which is asking for $33 billion for border security.

Civil rights and environmentalist wacko groups are outraged. They complain the Department of Homeland Security already has sweeping authority to bypass regulations, and they don’t want to give the federal government more power.

Are you kidding? Really? They claim fast-tracking the border wall would violate the civil rights of entire communities and jeopardize wildlife. It would “militarize” the southern border. They say that building the wall won’t stop drugs or people from crossing into the U.S. so it’s just a waste of time.

Of course, these are the same groups that can’t wait for the federal government to intrude into every other aspect of your life. They believe in big government and they want it to micromanage every move that farmers, ranchers, and average citizens make.

But now that it looks like President Trump is making a serious attempt to get control of our southern border — that, for once, it’s not just talk — these groups have gone into full outrage mode.

Suddenly, they oppose Big Government and doubt its effectiveness. It’s funny how fast their tune has changed! What do they really believe day to day, then, hmmm?

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