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RUSH: So far it’s 81 companies, 81 companies that have announced bonuses, wage increases, benefits expansions, a combination of those or all three. So far, 81 companies. In fact, I have a piece here in the Stack by the guy that does the Dilbert cartoon. His name is Scott something, and he’s got a… I’m having a mental block on his name. Scott Adams. That’s who it is. He has a theory that we need to change the way presidential approval polls are taken. His headline: “President Trump..” and it’s his blog at Dilbert.com.

President Trump Earns the Highest Presidential Approval Level of All Time — The Small Business Optimism Index hit an all-time high. That’s the new Presidential Approval Poll. … I contend that business optimism — and small business optimism in particular — are the new standard for presidential approval because ‘economics’ captures most of what a president influences. … The point is that all of the ‘big’ issues directly influence the economy via their impact on our psychology and our resources.

In a free, capitalist country, ‘the economy’ captures all the goodness and badness of a presidency without really trying. And the measure that best reflects the future of the economy, in my opinion, is small business optimism.” Again, this is Scott Adams at the Dilbert blog. He also makes this point: “And if you are still worried about President Trump’s mental health, I’ll do a Periscope later today to tell you how badly the media has abused the public on that topic. For a preview, check out this interview that Dr. Drew did with Dr. Bandy Lee on her opinions of President Trump’s mental health.”

Remember this, Dr. Bandy Lee? We talked about this earlier this week. What is your memory of her? Let’s just check something here. What is your memory of Dr. Bandy Lee? She’s a psychiatrist. What is your memory of what she said? (interruption) She claimed that Trump is mentally “unfit.” She claimed… (interruption) Now, wait a minute. It was reported that she claimed Trump is mentally “unfit” and should not be in office and it’s so bad that even psychiatrists who’ve not personally seen Trump have a duty to analyze him and be truthfully. Well, it turns out that Dr. Drew…

Not to be confused with Dr. Dre, Straight Out of Compton. This is Dr. Drew Pinsky. Dr. Drew did an interview with Dr. Bandy Lee on her opinions of Trump’s mental health. “The media reported her as saying he was mentally unfit. That wasn’t the case. She has no professional opinion on the president’s mental capacity because she has never met him. Her primary concern is about societal violence as a result of his presidency. That is completely different from what has been reported all week.”

So Scott Adams says, “I nominate this story for the Fake News Awards. I think it can be a finalist.” They reported this woman, acting as a psychiatrist, claimed that Trump is “unfit for office” and should be dispatched, and she didn’t say that. She didn’t even get close to saying that. Yet it was reported and it was part of a story where 35 other shrinks also said, supposedly, the same thing. So 81 companies and counting, and it’s only gonna increase because the competition for qualified, competent labor is gonna heat up. And that he knew the opportunities for employees to make out really well even increases.

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