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RUSH: Last month, liberal activists waged a nonstop fear campaign before the FCC overturned net neutrality. The left warned that consumers would be priced out of Netflix. They even claimed that women wouldn’t be able to find information on the Internet to get abortions.

When the net neutrality rules were overturned, liberals were despondent. But life went on as normal just like it did before 2015 when they were imposed. None of their predictions came true.

But now the activists are happy. Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey found 40 other Democrats to co-sponsor a measure to try to invalidate the FCC decision. The Democrats want to “restore” net neutrality (meaning government control of the Internet) under the Congressional Review Act, which lets Congress have a say in rules by government agencies like the FCC.

These liberals apparently believe that if they double down on stupid, they’ll triumph in the November midterm elections.

But even if Democrats managed to prevail in the Senate – which may happen because Susan Collins said she’ll vote with ’em – the measure would still have to pass in the House, which is unlikely. And even if they somehow managed to pull that off,  President Trump would have to sign it, which is ridiculously unlikely, especially since it was Trump’s FCC which got rid of net neutrality in the first place.

You don’t want the government regulating your internet, folks. They didn’t before 2015 and it was fine. But if you leftists want to celebrate, have it it.You celebrate the stupidest things.

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