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RUSH: So, ladies and gentlemen, before we get going with the primary thrust of today’s program there’s still a lot on the Wolff thing.  I was talking to Snerdley — I don’t ask people, I tell them, I was saying, “I really would like to know who vouched for Wolff in the White House.  Somebody had to tell somebody that Wolff was okay.  Somebody had to vouch for the guy.”

And everybody is saying that it’s Steve Bannon.  And I’m not so sure that that’s right.  And until I’m sure who it is, I’m not gonna speculate or say so, but I don’t think it was Bannon.  I think there are other things that were going on.  Whatever it was, it was a huge mistake.  But even with that, more and more people are finding more and more errors in the book and even members of the Drive-By Media are now getting a little bit nervous in citing it and quoting from it because it’s largely made up.

And when you have the New York Times saying, “Well, it’s notionally correct.”  You know, look up the word “notional.”  Nominally, notionally, well, it means if you feel it’s right, it’s okay, it works.  But there are so many things that are wrong in it and it’s gonna have the effect of shortening its shelf life on this.

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