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RUSH: Let me ask a question again, before moving on to audio sound bites. If, as Michael Wolff alleges in this book of his, that Donald Trump did not want to win the presidency, never intended to win it, in fact, actively wanted to lose, he was running for other reasons, and if his wife, Melania Trump, never did believe that they were gonna win and was assured by her husband not to worry, he wasn’t gonna win, he wasn’t serious about winning, so upset she was crying on election night, could somebody explain to me why, then, Trump was colluding with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton?

If Trump didn’t want to win, if he wanted to lose, so much so that his wife was in tears on election night, realizing her husband had won, if Trump wanted to use the campaign to launch other business opportunities and perhaps entertainment business careers, if that’s the purpose, and the book that Wolff wrote alleges, assures us Trump never intended to win, then why was there any collusion with the Russians to make sure he won?

Why did Trump cheat? Why did Trump work with Putin and the Russians to steal the election from Hillary if he didn’t want to win in the first place? Hmm?

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