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RUSH: Hey, folks, guess who’s objecting to the Trump tax cuts, which will benefit most of you? The guy’s name is Jack Lew, Obama’s former Treasury Secretary.

This guy told Bloomberg that he’s afraid the tax cuts will attack “the most vulnerable in our society.” He claims poor people will lose basic food support and health care. And that Social Security and Medicare will be cut.

He said the tax cuts will “spend money we don’t have” at a time we should be spending more on infrastructure, job training, and education. The tax cuts will leave us broke, he says, while forcing us to reduce the social safety net.

Now, Bloomberg, the interviewer, didn’t challenge any of this. Any informed journalist, once they stopped laughing, would have reminded this guy of what happened during the Obama administration. Our national debt doubled. Spending was out of control, nobody attempted to “pay” for anything, especially this Mr. Lew guy.

Under Obama the poor stayed poor and they got poorer. Millions gave up looking for work. The economy was stagnant. Wages were stagnant. Certain industries were marked for death, like coal, which Obama and Jack Lew tried to kill off.

When liberal Democrats like Mr. Lew complain about tax cuts, they should be told two things: Be quiet and go away.

Oh, and Mr. Lew? The complaint department is closed. America is too busy working our way back to prosperity. There’s nobody to listen to you that can do anything about it.

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