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A little news item you might have missed, folks.

Earlier this week, Ivanka Trump paid a visit to a Connecticut High School, the Norwalk Early College Academy.  She was with the CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty, who was instrumental in developing the school’s academic model.

Some of the students were excited to talk with Ivanka and the IBM CEO about their future, but others didn’t have the chance. That’s because their liberal parents were anything but happy. Once these parents got wind of Ivanka’s visit they yanked their kids out of school.

Now, this got some publicity. The Drive-By’s loved this because here is Trump’s daughter, who is lovely and gracious and beautiful, getting kicked out of a school because the parents don’t like her. The Drive-By’s ate this up. It would never happen to one of Obama’s kids, by the way. But it’s Ivanka Trump, which means it’s perfectly okay for the overbearing, hyper-political parents of these high school students to “protect” them from the president’s daughter and the CEO of IBM.

So as we celebrate peace on earth, goodwill to men and the joys of diversity this Christmas, just remember: Love trumps hate, except among Trump-haters, in which you can search and search and search, but you won’t find any love, you’ll find self-loathing. You find any tolerance, you’ll find a bunch of people that just want to shut everybody else down and up.

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