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RUSH: Did you hear about the guy who says — and it’s true, by the way — that his Apple Watch saved his life? The Apple Watch, he sleeps with it because he monitors his sleep. Apple Watch has sleep apps, and you can monitor your sleep, whether you have apnea, how deep REM sleep you’re in and all that.

But it also has a heart app. And in the latest version of the software, it is much more detailed, the data that is collected on your heart and reflected on the watch. Your resting heart rate, your recovery heart rate, your walking heart rate. But there’s also a feature. This guy was awakened at 3:30 or 4 o’clock in the morning by his watch because his resting heart rate was 120.

He woke up, he felt like he had indigestion, and he took a couple of Tums. But it still didn’t feel right. So, as a precaution, he went to the emergency room. And he ended up needing four stents surgically implanted. His doctor told him that if he had not awakened, he would not have awakened. He would have had a heart attack in his sleep and would have died.

Now, I didn’t know the feature was there. I mean, I have a heart app, and I use it to measure the heart rate and all that. So I went into the settings and there is a setting where you can have the watch alarm you, vibrate and wake you up if your heart rate at rest only exceeds whatever you set it to be, 90, 100, 110, 120. You can change that setting.

And I was explaining this to somebody. “You mean it’s gonna go off when I’m in the gym?” No, no, no. This is the resting heart rate. It measures, it knows the difference when you’re not moving, as opposed to when you’re walking or when you’re exercising. It’s on your resting heart rate. So I looked in there, and mine was set by default at a hundred beats a minute. And I’ve been meaning to tell this story, not because of the watch so much, just because of the — well, it is the watch, but still it’s just an incredible story. And I didn’t even know the feature was there until I read about this.

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