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RUSH: When President Trump rescinded the unconstitutional amnesty that Obama granted to so-called DREAMers, Democrats hit the ceiling. But, if you remember, Trump delayed his action from taking effect until the spring to give Congress time to come up with a fix.

Now at the time, Democrats were so mad that they said they’d shut the government down at the end of the year if a fix wasn’t in place.Well, so much for that! Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have caved. They are no longer threatening a government shutdown if the end-of-the-year spending bill ditches the DREAMers. In other words: “Dreamers, Chuck You!”

This isn’t setting well. Ben Wilker (Washington director for MoveOn.org) is making threats of his own. He says, “If Congress goes home for Christmas and leaves DREAMers in the cold, there will be a grassroots uprising that will scorch every legislator who fails to do what’s right.”

Well, get the flame throwers ready out there, because the DREAMers can only keep dreaming. Democrats have thrown them under the coyote bus – again.

In fact, I have a message for you DREAMers. In order to be heard by all, I’ll first deliver it in a little Spanish lingo: “Queridos Dreamers. El partido Demócrata te vendió.” Translation: “Dear Dreamers. The Democratic Party has sold you out.” Like they always do.

¡Feliz Navidad! (singing Jose Feliciano) ¡Feliz Navidad!

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