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RUSH: Nathan in Lynchburg, Virginia, you’re next. Great to have you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, season’s greetings. I wanted to wish, first of all, the greatest preacher of politics a very, very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

RUSH: Thank you. I appreciate that. Same to you, sir.

CALLER: It’s a pleasure to talk to you, sir. Can I make a prediction and tell me what you think?

RUSH: Yeah. Fire away.

CALLER: I think Moore is gonna win it today, and not by a small amount. And I want to go ahead and say that this is gonna be a wake-up call and a referendum to the establishment, to the media specifically. And I also think that it’s going to show the Democrat strategy of all the sexual harassment, that it’s not working, that the people of Alabama aren’t gonna fall for this trick, even though the media and everyone else is saying Moore did this, Moore did that. And I think it’s going to be good for America to bring about a problem solving technique to all the sexual harassment. ‘Cause right now it’s like the wild, wild west out there for most men who are in a position of power. You don’t see much of it happening —

RUSH: Well, I know that you are hoping that there would be a media comeuppance. You would love to sit there and watch these people and see the realization on their faces that they’ve been wrong about everything and it’s come to Jesus day. And I hate to tell you you’re never going to see it. Because they are never going to do it. They are poison. There is literal poison running through their veins and their arteries and their loins and whatever circuitry is in their brains. They literally have been poisoned.

Even the New York media, they’re not even interested in this terror attack. They can’t be bothered to report on that which happened on their own turf because that would prove Trump right again about the need to vet visas and refugees. They’re never gonna do anything that acknowledges they think Trump was right about anything. If Roy Moore wins, that’s their plan. Everything they are doing, Nathan, today is rooted in the hope and belief they have that Roy Moore wins.

If I were this Doug Jones guy, I would feel kind of sold out by these people. ‘Cause it’s paramountly obvious the Democrats want and need Roy Moore to win. Roy Moore winning is what justifies the latest political scheme and conspiracy they’ve hatched.

Now, they’ll take Roy Moore losing, don’t misunderstand, and they’ll throw a big party, and they’ll make it look like it was the greatest thing; but they’re not gonna be disappointed if Roy Moore wins. Roy Moore winning fuels their plan to get rid of Trump. They’re just gonna add Roy Moore to the allegations against Trump and say that both of them need to resign, both of them are reprobates, perverts, what have you, however they choose to go about this.

But if Moore wins and even wins big, as you say, it’s not gonna be a wake-up moment for ’em. They are prepared for it. Some of them even hoping for it, because it is what will fuel what they’ve already revealed as their strategy. Now, Nathan, thanks. I appreciate the call.

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