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RUSH: Okay, the McNabb story. “Three NFL Network analysts have been suspended over sexual harassment allegations,” and Donovan McNabb has been caught up in this somehow. It’s Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, and I forget the third name. I didn’t recognize… (interruption) Well, Warren Sapp’s in… There’s actually five, but the story focuses on three here. But Sapp is included in this as well as McNabb. It’s makeup artist. So the NFL, now the sexual harassment story has hit their network. They are headquartered out in Los Angeles.

I gotta get a phone call in here before we get out. Let’s go to Liz in Champaign, Illinois. Glad you waited. What’s happening?

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I just wanted to voice my opinion on the most recent women that have come up against President Trump. I think it’s very obvious that none of those accusations are probably true. I just get a little tired of these women that come up and accuse somebody of something that can destroy their lives and they’re just lying about it.

RUSH: You know, it’s interesting. I have to tell you, I think, Liz, that you probably represent maybe even a majority of thinking on this. There have been social occasions — the last three or four where I have been — and this subject has come up. At each one, you know, I say what you’ve heard me say here, that real sexual harassment in the workplace is a horrible and terrible thing and there’s no way it can be defended. I get people looking at me with some surprise. “You really think that?”

I said, “I do.” “Why? I said, “Well, I’ve never been sexually harassed, but I’ve dealt with people who had all kinds of power over me who are unstable, threatening, or what have you, and I can only imagine it.” My point is the number of people — women — that I’ve run into think these other women are making it up simply to get Trump? It’s astounding how many women think that like Liz did here. We’ve had two other callers today, same thing, which I find refreshing and fascinating at the same time.

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