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RUSH: Last week, ABC News reported on a huge frustration among Democrats: Trump’s judges.

ABC says the fast pace of judicial confirmations has become a source of pride for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans. Meanwhile, “Democrats are ruing the day they changed the rules to make it easier to fast-track court picks.”

In just over a month, the Senate has confirmed nine Trump judicial picks, bringing the total to 16, including Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch. Without a lot of fanfare, President Trump has gotten more appellate court justices confirmed at this point in office than any President since Richard Nixon.

You can tell ABC News is unhappy when it reports: “Thanks to McConnell, Trump has one Supreme Court justice, nine circuit court appeals judges, and six district court judges. These conservative men and women will serve for decades on the courts, shifting the balance rightward long after Trump’s time as President ends.” They spit that out.

When Dingy Harry Reid initiated the rules change — the nuclear option — his sidekick, Illinois Senator Dick “Turban” was ecstatic. But Turban now says: “It was a big mistake.” He says “no one” anticipated Trump winning the presidency. “It turned out that we were wrong.”

Hey, Dick. You and Dingy made this bed — now lie in it. It’s called Karma — and stupidity

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