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RUSH: Here’s Mark in Trinity, Florida. Welcome, sir, and I’m really glad you waited. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos. We appreciate you, us conservatives. So regarding Trump’s Jerusalem announcement, it was a campaign promise kept. I believe it was a show of strength helping regain U.S. stature internationally that I think Obama lost. Now, interestingly enough, the Jewish people — American Jews — are a consolidated Democrat voting bloc. I believe it’s like 3% of the population. Now, my question/comment is this. If you were to go walk in the Jewish neighborhoods in LA, New York City, Brooklyn, for example — Palm Beach or Broward Counties — and you went through those neighborhoods and said:

“Hey, what do you think about this, you know, him supporting the Jews?” and, “Will you vote for him?” what do you think those American Jews would say? Do you think they would support Trump? I know Chucky Schumer doesn’t and he’s Jewish, and Al Franken does not and Dianne Feinstein. You know, they represent those people I just mentioned. They don’t support this. I think that this announcement is great, you know, for America. But what I don’t understand is why the Jews, as a bloc, won’t support Trump on this.

RUSH: Well, some do. But I know what you mean. You’re talking about the Hollywood-left Jewish people, New York City. You’re talking about Democrat Jewish people.

CALLER: Right. Yeah.

RUSH: I’ve wondered the same question until I finally figured out the answer. People have been asking this question — and not just about Jewish people. You know, it seems that there are a lot of groups that stay loyal to the Democrats even though the Democrat Party is not loyal to the primary group they’re members of. So basically you’re saying: “How come Jewish people will not recognize that Trump’s move here is an aid to Israel, is a good thing?” It just signifies what’s already real anyway! Every government aspect in Israel is in Jerusalem.

The answer to the question, Mark, is that liberals are liberals first and whatever else they are second and third. So in the case of liberal Jewish people, they are going to be liberal and loyal Democrats first and foremost. Whatever interests that their Judaism you would think would assign will be subordinated to whatever the liberal agenda is. So if the liberal agenda is, “We’ve got to get Trump! Trump can’t do anything right. This move to make Jerusalem the capital is damaging!” Even if they privately, secretly like it, they can’t join Trump because they must remain loyal to liberalism first. It sounds simplistic, but it is the answer.

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