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RUSH: Folks, do not doubt me. They think they have won the House in 2018. They hate Trump and so they think everybody else does. The reasons they hate Trump, they think, are the reasons everybody else hates Trump. They hate Republicans and they think they have succeeded with their buddies in the media in making everybody else hate Republicans.

They think the Virginia gubernatorial election is the sign that the country has admitted its mistake and is ready now to get back to normal and elect Democrats to run Washington, D.C. So they have made this assumption. They want it to be true so badly that they actually think that they are there. And they aren’t. I don’t think the Democrats… I really don’t. The evidence is all around them, but I think they’re in denial. The DNC can’t raise any money.

The RNC, as unpopular as it is among rank-and-file Republicans, is outraising the Democrats. The Democrats, the amount of money they’re raising is not worth much more than an asterisk in the most recent reporting. They’re having all kinds of trouble raising money of the $10, $20, $50 variety from average, ordinary Democrats. I mean, they’ve still got their Hollywood, the usual wealthy donors from all the different Democrat groups.

But they do not have donations of average, run-of-the-mill Democrat voters — the base, if you will. And so they know this, but I don’t think they tell themselves the truth about what it means. They have shown the ability to lie to themselves over and over again for the express purpose of shielding the pain and making themselves feel better. And because they think that they’ve come back, they’re looking at Franken and all these other as a liability.

They’ve won it; 2018, it’s in the bank. But not if Franken stays. So Franken’s gotta go. And then there’s also the Roy Moore calculation that they are making here. But when you look at the news today from ADP Services… You know what ADP is, Automatic Data Processing? It’s the payroll people. “Yesterday ADP Services reported…” Are you ready for this? “…the largest number of new manufacturing jobs in history.” It says here “in history.” I don’t know what period of time.

It’s 40,000 new manufacturing jobs in 10 months. Donald Trump campaigned on bringing manufacturing jobs back. Barack Hussein Obama presided over them being lost, and it wasn’t just Obama presiding over them being lost. When Obama was asked about the jobs, the manufacturing jobs that had been lost, Obama told the nation and Democrats (paraphrased), “They’re not comin’ back, because we’re modernizing and we’re transforming. And those jobs, they’re never coming back because those jobs are not jobs that are gonna be needed anymore.”

In June of 2016, Barack Obama was asked about jobs for the Carrier corporation in Indiana. And here’s what Obama’s answer was: “When somebody says, like the person you just mentioned, who I’m not gonna advertise for –” he’s talking about Trump here. “When somebody says, like the person you just mentioned, that he’s gonna bring all these jobs back, well, how exactly are you gonna do that? What are you gonna do? There’s, uh, uh, uh, no answer to it. Trump just says, ‘I’m gonna negotiate a better deal.’ Well, how? How exactly are you gonna negotiate that? What magic wand does Trump have? And usually the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.”

Obama was at the Carrier corporation. He was asked a question about manufacturing jobs being lost. And he chose to castigate Trump for misleading people and lying (imitating Obama), “You can’t bring these jobs back. They’re not coming back.” Forty thousand new manufacturing jobs in 10 months. The people that hold those jobs and the communities in which those jobs have been recreated know it. They live it, it’s a part of their life.

Look at this. Trump’s agenda and policies, as I previously mentioned, are more conservative than either President Bushes’. Trump’s foreign policy is solid. We have a president who is actually dealing with North Korea rather than kicking it down the road. We have a president who is dealing with China, who is dealing with Japan, rather than status quo and don’t make any waves.

Deregulation. Trump and his administration have gotten rid of more regulations in 10 months than any previous president ever tried to get rid of, which is zero. Trump’s judicial appointments are game changing. It’s not just Gorsuch. The judges that Trump has appointed to the district court bench and the appellate court, they are better and larger, they’re greater in number than any previous so-called conservative Republican president. And on that score, it isn’t even close.

And the more Trump speaks, whether he knows it or not or intends it or not, the more conservative he’s sounding and the more conservatism he’s promoting. And the more he speaks it and the more he promotes it and the more of it in his agenda that happens, the more they attack him. I’m talking about the Never Trumpers.

Trump gets attacked by the Never Trumpers with each success. “We just don’t like his personality. He’s embarrassing. We can’t go anywhere and admit that we like what Trump is doing because Trump is such a horrible man, and we can’t be seen by our sophisticated friends to be approving of what Trump’s doing.” And that’s what bugs ’em.

But on the things that we all thought mattered, we all thought these conservatives who are Never Trumpers, we thought they were conservative. But they don’t seem to be happy or satisfied with this overwhelming amount of conservatism that Trump is dishing up. He’s aking ’em look kind of weak. He’s making ’em look dead wrong in their predictions with him and his so-called incompetence and what he was not gonna be able to get done.

He’s gotten done more than any of them would have gotten done had they been elected. The job market, two consecutive quarters of over 3% economic growth, when the media and Obama said that that would never be possible again. And it was a pipe dream and very, very disingenuous to promise people that because it was not true and it was gonna lead them into massive disappointment.

The number of deportations is way up. The number of illegals coming into the country is way down. The number of prosecutions and deportations of MS-13, the gang, is way up. All these people have is the Trump dossier and Mueller and his stupid investigation and collusion and Trump’s dishonesty and all whatever it is they want to try to chalk it up to. But on the substance of what Trump is accomplishing here, it infuriates them, both sides, conservative and liberal Never Trumpers.

And to show you how upset and how mind boggled they are, remember, they thought by now they would have gotten rid of Trump and Pence would be president and they’d be hassling him so much that he would quit. But Trump is still standing. They can’t believe it. They’ve fired everything they’ve got. They’ve made up a dossier. They’ve had all these phony claims from the deep state. You know it all.

The FBI rigged for Hillary Clinton. The FBI rigged against Donald Trump. He survived it all. He still won the election despite all that was arrayed against him. He still continues to implement an agenda despite all that’s arrayed against him. They can’t believe it. And it’s been so effective that Barack Obama has been reduced to claiming that if we don’t stop Trump, we’re headed for Nazi Germany.


RUSH: We’ve got Obama from back in June of 2016. PBS special questions for Obama. This is a NewsHour special. Town hall event in Elkhart, Indiana, where he got a question about the carrier corporation from a Carrier employee. He said, “You know, I see where you’re trying to do a lot of things, but in Indianapolis there’s nothing there for us anymore. I mean, what’s next? What can we look forward to in the future as far as jobs, employment, whatever, ’cause all of our jobs have left or are in the process leaving.” This is smack-dab in the middle of the campaign, folks, and here’s Obama’s answer.

OBAMA: Some of those jobs of the past are just not gonna come back. And when somebody says, like the person you just mentioned who I’m not gonna advertise for, that he’s gonna bring all these jobs back, well, how exactly are you gonna do that? What are you gonna do? There’s no answer to it. He just says, “I’m gonna negotiate a better deal.” Well, what, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.

RUSH: The guy that didn’t have an answer was you. The guy that had no experience in this kind of thing is you. The guy that didn’t know how to negotiate is you! Forty thousand new manufacturing jobs in America in the first 10 months of the Trump administration. There’s Obama saying (imitating Obama), “You can listen to what Trump’s saying. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s lying to you. He’s just incompetent.”

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