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RUSH: I saw something that was… A new round of criticism from Never Trumpers about Trump, and I’m sitting here thinking, “You know, you want to talk about irony?” You know, some of these Never Trumpers out there are ardent conservatives. You know who they are as well as I do. You know the magazines; you know the blog sites.

When you get down to looking at what Trump has done, when you look at Trump’s agenda, you’re gonna find more conservatism than we had with George W. Bush. You’re gonna find more conservatism than we had with George H. W. Bush. You’re gonna find more conservatism in the Trump agenda, you’re gonna find more conservatism in the items of the Trump agenda which have been implemented already, and the Never Trumpers have a saying now saying, “Yeah, well, maybe Gorsuch,” meaning:

“That’s the only thing we can credit Trump for: Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.” But that’s by no means everything. It’s gotten so bad… Did you see what Obama said yesterday? I’m getting ahead of myself here in terms of the Stack. Obama actually compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler on the genocide angle. Barack Hussein Obama actually, in a speech, worries about Trump eventually committing genocide on people the way Adolf Hitler did.

You can’t find a peep about it in the Drive-By Media. Now, you let some deranged right-winger make a similar statement, and the Drive-By Media drops everything and tries to wipe ’em out and destroy ’em. And here comes Obama. I’ll find it after the break and give you actually some of the quotes and details of where he made the statement, but this is unprecedented. And he wasn’t cracking a joke. So Obama is terribly worried about Trump.

Trump is more conservative than anything they ever imagined. And as you know, there are a lot of establishmentarians in the Republican Party who hate conservatism themselves and don’t like conservatives. You know, Trump proving to be, whether he is one or not, whether… We know he’s not ideology, but his political instincts in terms of the agenda items he has and how he’s trying to implement them got conservatism fingerprints all over them.

And this has gotta be irritating them even more, because these are the people, these Never Trumper conservatives who have been trying to tell everybody for years that they are the definition of conservatism. They are the rightful inheritors of Reagan (who they didn’t like, either) or any other brilliant intellect conservatives. And yet what have they done to implement diddly-squat? Nothing. Here comes Trump, who’s implementing serious conservative agenda items, and they still trash him.

Now, Obama piping up that they’re worried on the left here that Trump could actually be like Hitler in terms of genocide. I mean, it’s a direct reference to the Holocaust.


RUSH: Obama was speaking at the Economic Club of Chicago in a friendly interview with CBS News financial analyst Mellody Hobson. And wait a minute. Mellody Hobson. Mellody Hobson, she’s married to George Lucas. Mellody Hobson is married to George Lucas, has donated over a hundred thousand dollars to Obama’s presidential campaign. She’s called Colin Kaepernick a hero of hers. And she interviewed Obama.

And in this interview, which is described as friendly, “Obama suggested we could have an American genocide akin to what happened in Nazi Germany with Donald Trump as President. The former president was speaking to the Economic Club of Chicago when he made the caustic remark, in comments captured by Crain’s Chicago Business political columnist Greg Hinz.

“According to Hinz, Obama warned Trump’s ‘nativism’ and distrust of the press would cause our ‘democracy to fall apart quickly.’ Obama then made the connection between Trump and Hitler, warning ’60 million people died,’ when the world got ‘complacent.'”

And of course this Hinz guy apparently loved what Obama said, because he tweeted out: “Take that, @realDonaldTrump: @BarackObama makes clear his view that a complacent America could be headed the way of Nazi Germany. Read his remarkable comments at #EconomicClub of Chicago.”

Holy smokes. And you haven’t seen a word of this I will bet you anywhere in the Drive-By Media. Well, it’s beyond outrageous. I mean, it is outrageous. But it’s so far beyond outrageous. It’s unpresidential, it’s paranoid, pick your adjective and your descriptive.

Anybody else comparing anybody to Hitler, and here come the Drive-Bys and everybody else descending on you, saying, “It’s irresponsible. You shut up. We’re gonna make sure you can’t speak if you keep talking this way.” And they just descend on these people like crazy. Here’s the former president of the United States alluding — not alluding; warning that if we get complacent with Trump and his nativism it’s gonna lead to a genocide of 60 million people, like happened in Nazi Germany. Are they in panic, or what?

I think exactly what I thought was gonna happen is happening. I think Obama is a combination of angry, livid, outraged, paranoid that his agenda is being unraveled, because that’s exactly what Trump is doing. Trump is unraveling all of Obama’s executive action regulations that he can, global warming, the Iranian nuke deal. Trump is literally unwinding everything Obama did, tried to unwind Obamacare.

Donald Trump is trying to erase the Obama presidency, and Obama damn well knows it. I thought this would happen long before now, but it’s finally happened. I predicted to you people Obama is gonna go on TV and start warning everybody. I never thought he would compare Trump to Hitler. But he knows what’s going on. And he viewed his eight years as just the foundation and then the next Democrat presidents would further it and we would finally at some point transform America. Now it’s all being not just unraveled, but erased. And they’re livid.


RUSH: The story on the Obama Nazi comments is found it at NewsBusters, and even when I saw it, I said, “Be careful with this. This is so out there.” But it looks like every bit of it’s true.


RUSH: TheHill.com has run the story on Obama at the Economic Club of Chicago. That’s the only mainstream media news report I’ve seen on it, and it’s barely. “Obama Warns of Complacency, Notes Rise of Hitler.” Nothing in the headline about comparing Trump to Hitler. Nothing in the headline about warning the American people and the world that Trump could become Hitler.

And then from TheHill.com story, “While some could see the remark as a veiled jab at President Trump, Obama did not mention Trump by name during the event.”

Well, that’s not what I’ve got here. The NewsBusters story: “Obama Warns Trump Will Lead America to Genocide Like Hitler.” And this comes from a guy, again, named Hinz, Greg Hinz at Crain’s Chicago Business.

“According to Hinz, Obama warned Trump’s ‘nativism’ and distrust of the press would cause our ‘democracy to fall apart quickly.’ Obama then made the connection between Trump and Hitler, warning ’60 million people died,’ when the world got ‘complacent.'”

So whether or not Obama actually mentioned Trump’s name or not, the reporter was happy that he was drawing the analogy and comparison to Trump and Hitler. That’s what everybody there thought Obama meant. So TheHill.com is going out of its way. And this line is buried the bottom of their story. “While some could see the remark as a veiled jab at President Trump, Obama didn’t mention Trump by name.”

Let me tell you something. He meant Trump because the last two weeks, we had the story sometime last week or the week before, Obama has been shadowing Trump on Trump’s foreign trips. You know, Trump will go to outer Myanmar and a couple days later Obama will show up. And then Trump will go to Japan, then Obama shows up. Wherever Trump went on this most recent trip, Obama followed by a day or two and was trying to control any damage, pick up whatever pieces.

There’s no doubt, folks, it’s not just Mueller. Now Obama’s in on this. This is a full-fledged effort to do damage, heavy damage leading ultimately to the destruction of Trump and his presidency. There’s no doubt in my mind, there’s no question about it. From Obama shadowing Trump on his foreign trips and now this — it’s amazing. You have people who were there from Crain’s Chicago Business celebrating Obama’s comment immediately drawing the connection between Trump and Hitler from Obama’s words.

And now TheHill.com: “Well, there was no direct mention of this, some have said, but –” They don’t want to run the story. They had to touch on it. I haven’t seen it anywhere else but TheHill.com. This is hard to describe how beyond the pale this is.

I mean, think back over any of the recent past when, you know, one of the things you just don’t do, it’s considered beyond the pale, is to compare anybody in American politics today to Hitler. To compare anybody to Hitler. They laugh at you, they smirk at you. When you do that they claim you’ve run out of any arguments to make.

When you start comparing people, your political opposition or your enemies to Hitler, well, then the rejoinder is, “Wow. You really have run out of substantive things to say, right? That’s the easiest thing in the world, just compare him to the worst guy that ever lived, fine and dandy. You got nothing.” That’s the reaction you get. But that’s not the reaction Obama got. When Obama did it, Mellody Hobson praised Obama. And this guy Greg Hinz at Crain’s Chicago Business celebrated it.

In fact, let me read to you the summary of Obama’s comments directed at Trump by this guy Hinz from Crain’s Chicago Business. I’m just gonna read. “Obama moved from that to talking about a nativist mistrust and unease that has swept around the world. He argued that such things as the speed of technical change and the uneven impact of globalization have come too quickly to be absorbed in many cultures, bringing strange new things and people to areas in which ‘people didn’t (used to) challenge your assumptions.’ As a result, ‘nothing feels solid,’ he said. ‘Sadly, there’s something in us that looks for simple answers when we’re agitated.'”

I’m still reading from Greg Hinz here. “Still, the U.S. has survived tough times before and will again, he noted, particularly mentioning the days of communist fighter Joseph McCarthy and former President Richard Nixon. But one reason the country survived is because it had a free press to ask questions.

“The danger is ‘grow(ing) complacent,’ Obama said. ‘We have to tend to this garden of democracy or else things could fall apart quickly.’ That’s what happened in Germany in the 1930s which, despite the democracy of the Weimar Republic and centuries of high-level cultural and scientific achievements, Adolph Hitler rose to dominate, Obama noted. ‘Sixty million people died. So, you’ve got to pay attention. And vote.'”

How does anybody not conclude that those remarks are about Trump? Everything Obama claims to be worried about is because of Trump. A newbie that doesn’t know what he’s doing; a newbie that can’t keep up with technological advancement; a newbie that is a nativist; a newbie that’s giving people comfort because they themselves can’t adapt to rapid technological change. That’s another slight to the bitter clingers, no doubt about it.

So everybody there, at least the media that was present, had no doubt that Obama was talking about Trump in his comparisons to Hitler. We’ll see. Let’s just wait. Let’s just wait and see if this effervesces up to the Drive-By Media. Wasn’t it Obama spying on reporters? From the Associated Press and Fox News, trying to throw ’em in jail? Wasn’t it Obama who didn’t trust the media? Despite they were his best friends? Despite they would have done anything for the guy.

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