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RUSH: Bloomberg just ran a story. I have not had a chance to click the link, so I’m just gonna tell you what the link says and I’ll click the link at the next break. But Bloomberg is reporting that Jared Kushner is who ordered Flynn to contact Russia. Jared, who… It appears Kushner’s been — I don’t know — not as visible lately in the Trump administration apparatus. But, again, there’s nothing unusual about the incoming national security adviser during the transition talking to representatives of foreign governments!

Folks, you know, I just watched Steve Hayes, who’s on Fox. “We don’t know what Mueller has. This could be really big; it could be nothing. We just don’t know.” “So, Steve, does this mean the media is gonna keep harping on it?” “Oh, yeah, man. This is gonna go on. We’re gonna go back to collusion, but we don’t know what Mueller knows.” But we do! Can I remind you again? Would somebody call everybody the Drive-Bys and remind them of this? The Washington Post on January 23rd of this year!

The Washington Post published a story which said that the phone calls between Flynn and the Russian ambassador had been listened to and transcribed and there was nothing illicit on them. We don’t know what Flynn lied about, but whatever it was he said to the Russian ambassador was nothing worthy of pursuing criminal charges or anything else! And we wouldn’t even know that happened if it weren’t for the Russian ambassador having been surveilled, which was fine and dandy; that’s legal. He’s a Russian agent.

But we had to unmask Flynn! It was the Obama administration still in power during the transition. They unmasked Flynn and made it public that Flynn was talking to the Russian ambassador and thereby created this impression that something illegal might have been going on regarding stealing the election. And right around the Trump inauguration, the Washington Post publishes a story saying that the details of the call had been listened to, tapes of the call, transcriptions of the call, and there was nothing illicit said.

So even if Jared Kushner is who told Flynn to contact the Russians, Flynn didn’t say anything on the phone calls they surveilled that gives anything any problem. Now, Kushner, you know, he took the meeting with the Russian honeypot, honeypot lawyer. They told him, “Hey, we may have…” Donald Trump Jr., too. “Hey, we may have some really damning news on Hillary, right, right?” They took that meeting; nothing came of it. But they wanted the meeting taking so they could look like the Trump people were interested in colluding with the Russians against Hillary.

Folks, so much of this is purely manufactured. The Trump dossier! It’s all manufactured stuff! It’s all made up! Now, for over a year they have been unable to produce any evidence whatsoever of any collusion. Now we’ve got Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI, and from that we’re gonna include that all of a sudden that which has never been found suddenly has surfaced? From a process crime lie? I don’t know. You’ve just gotta keep all of this in perspective ’cause we’re being manipulated and toyed with here for a whole host of usual, predictable reasons.


RUSH: Bloomberg News is reporting “Kushner Is Said to Have Ordered Flynn to Contact Russia.” Now, that’s the headline. But when you read the story, you find this is not about collusion. This is about the vote in the U.N. Security Council condemning Israel. Jared Kushner, according to Bloomberg, had Flynn contact not just the Russians, but every U.N. Security Council member to try to get them to delay the vote condemning Israel until after Obama was out of office.

That’s what this headline’s about. Fox News has been reporting since the plea deal was announced that the person that was involved here actually was Jared Kushner, that it wasn’t Trump. Fox News reporting that it wasn’t Trump. It was somebody high up in the transition team that was talking to Flynn, and Bloomberg now says it was Jared Kushner. But it wasn’t about collusion and it wasn’t just Russia. It was Jared Kushner, who at the time was sitting at the right hand of “Trump Almighty,” his number one adviser.

He was to call Flynn, and Flynn was told to get hold of every U.N. Security Council member to try to get them to delay the vote that was coming. There was an official condemnation of Israel vote being contemplated, and Jared Kushner wanted Flynn to talk to the Security Council members, try to get them to delay the vote ’til after Obama was out of office. Because obviously the Trump administration would not vote to condemn Israel whereas Obama probably would.

Now, do you want to say that, “They had no right to do this! They don’t run foreign policy. They can’t do this! Kushner can’t do this. Kushner can’t interfere with Obama. It’s still his administration.” I don’t know. I’d have to talk to some legal beagles about that. But what I do know is that this isn’t about any kind of collusion with Russia and elections and all these things that these Drive-Bys have been salivating about.

One other thing before we get back to the phones here.

You notice the Drive-Bys can’t wait now to throw totally in with Mike Flynn, right? Flynn’s their guy. “Flynn’s the guy! Flynn’s the salvation. Flynn’s the guy that’s gonna expose Trump. Flynn’s the guy that’s gonna help us finally get rid of Trump.” Right. The guy who just pled guilty to lying to the FBI now is going to become the dependable, go-to witness for the Democrats and the media? (laughing) “Yeah. Yeah. Our advocate here, the guy helping us, the guy that’s gonna help us get Trump! Yeah, the guy that lied to the FBI. Right. Uh, wait. Yeah. Uh…” Well, that’s what they’re saddling themselves with.


RUSH: Look at all the stuff that’s been pushed off the front page today. The Republicans are going to get their tax bill passed. That will happen, regardless of the Flynn indictment. The Drive-Bys, by the way, on this Flynn thing, they think they’ve got Trump.

I’m not even gonna bother playing you the sound bites. I just got a sound bite from Pencil Neck Adam Schiff, and he’s convinced now that Flynn has the goods, that Flynn was communicating with Russia about sanctions. He’s out there literally telling CNN this and that Trump lied about all this. They’re just continuing to lie to people about this. I’m just gonna continue to reminded you one more time: Washington Post, January 23rd, transcript and audio of the call between Flynn and the Russian ambassador, nothing illicit.

It does look like Mueller is zeroing in on Jared Kushner and not necessarily what the Drive-Bys hope for, which is Trump.

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