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RUSH: Fireworks up on Capitol Hill. The president tweeted. He’s got a meeting up on Capitol Hill with Chuck and Nancy to talk about tax reform and coming together on a compromise. And before he left — he’s on the way now, gigantic motorcade on the way to Capitol Hill — before he left, the president tweeted: I don’t see a deal to prevent a government shutdown in this whole thing.

And one of the things the president’s demanding is that they get this budget stuff done so that there are no more threats of government shutdowns, which has become a typical Democrat trick with every new budget resolution or, heck, any other piece of legislation that comes down the pike. He’s asked for language in the tax bill and other legislation that would not permit or would prevent a government shutdown. He says he doesn’t see it on his way up there, and therefore he doesn’t see a deal in his view.

And Chuck and Nancy decided to cancel the meeting with him. “Given that the president doesn’t see a deal between Democrats and the White House, we believe the best path forward is to continue negotiating with our Republican counterparts in Congress instead.” A joint statement here from Chuck You Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. “Rather than going to the White House for a show meeting that won’t result in an agreement, we’ve asked Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan to meet this afternoon.”

Now, Trump raised the prospect of a potentially disastrous government shutdown, saying he could not envision a fiscal deal with Democrats to avoid federal closure.

“Meeting with ‘Chuck and Nancy’ today about keeping government open and working. Problem is they want illegal immigrants flooding into our Country unchecked, are weak on Crime and want to substantially RAISE Taxes. I don’t see a deal!”

So, once again Trump is simply calling them out. He’s simply calling them out in advance for what he knows they intend to do. He’s calling them out honestly and straightforwardly on what their plans are and on who they are. To me this is Donald Trump on a roll. This is not the kind of thing you would get from any other Republican, president or otherwise. They just don’t call the Democrats out on their phoniness or their hypocrisy, nor do they call Democrats out on their true agenda.

And Trump is exactly right. They do want the country flooded with illegal immigrants and refugees. And the best illustration of why is the recent gubernatorial election in Virginia. Not only did a number of immigrants, illegal and so forth, enter the state in droves, and some of them probably voted, then you had the governor legalizing the vote for felons.

So Trump simply calls them out. When they are not allowed to get away with their lying, their obfuscation, with their usual tactics, then they call a halt to it. And Trump is just identifying ’em. And folks, the attention on this now is occurring because Trump dared to relate Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas in that meeting honoring the Navajo code talkers. And so now there’s focused attention on what Trump is doing.

This is not accidental. It’s not happenstance. It’s not Trump going off script. It’s not Trump unprepared for the job. This is Trump the politician. He’s got some serious things he wants to get done. The Democrats are standing in the way, as they always do. The media never portrays the Democrats as the obstructionists they are. It’s the other way around.

So Trump makes something happen that focuses even more attention on him. And while that attention is focused on him, he launches a salvo — this one to Chuck and Nancy — about how they don’t want really want a deal. They don’t want a deal avoiding government shutdown. They want illegal immigrants to be able to continue to flood the country. Not only is this accurate in terms of identifying them policy-wise, it’s also, I think, part of the campaign coming up in 2018.

The beauty of this is identifying the Democrats and the liberals as who they are. You know, yesterday I made an observation about Al Franken. And I said it may not be bad that he hangs around, it may not be bad that he stays in there. It may not be bad that he doesn’t resign. I may not be a bad thing the Democrats don’t force him to quit.

Why? Like everything else that this program is about, it has consistently been about exposing liberals for who they are since it began 29 years ago. I mean, there are many things we tried to do on this program each and every day. There are many objectives, many of them professional broadcast related. Others are political. Others are cultural.

But if there was an overriding theme or a sense of purpose to the program in a political sense, it would be to educate and inform people about who liberals are. And one of the best ways of doing this, you got Al Franken, you’ve got John Conyers, you have massive numbers of liberal Democrats, sympathizers, donors, now caught up in a massive anti-woman issue, sexual harassment, possibly rape, certainly abuse. The vast majority of people who have been accused or involved in this is Democrats and leftists.

And yet they claim we’re conducting a War on Women. They claim that we don’t care about women’s rights. They claim that we are anti-woman. Look at how they treat them. Look at how they treat women. Look at what they really do, not what they say. And so having this situation where everybody and their uncle is demanding that Roy Moore leave the Senate race and if he wins, that he not be seated, at the same time the Democrats are circling the wagons around two of their prominent elected officials and doing everything they can to keep ’em in office.

And I think exposing that is a great step, a significant step in trying to inform people who may be apolitical, low-information voters, exactly who the Democrats are and how phony they are. And one of the best ways to deal with them is to not believe them, is to be suspicious of them. They’ve got the media on their side. They get away and have gotten away with so much.

The objective of this program is simply to expose the left for who they are and what it is. And having them circle the wagons and try to get away with the very things they try to run Republicans out of office for, to me, has the potential — not saying it’s gonna work — but it has the potential of being educational. It has the potential to be a teachable moment.

To me, it’s all about elections and it’s all about a voting population that’s as informed and educated as it can be. And I just believe there has been a very ineffective effort, even by conservatives and Republicans, to identify liberals and Democrats for who they are and what they stand for and what happens when they win, which is not much that’s good.

Well, the same thing here with all of this focus on Elizabeth Warren. And, by the way, let me give you the truth of this story. A lot of people, in fact, Mediaite has a story today that says Elizabeth Warren’s Native American controversy began, started with Harvard Law School.

That’s actually not true. People believe that Elizabeth Warren wanted to get a teaching gig at Harvard and so Harvard aided her in discovering that she had one-thirty second Cherokee blood, making her a minority, which made it easier for Harvard to hire her.

But actually, Elizabeth Warren and her Cherokee heritage, this whole story began years before that. I have here in my formally nicotine stained fingers a story from the Boston Globe May the 2nd, 2012. That’s five years ago.

An excerpt: “[S]he acknowledged that for years before she joined the faculty at Harvard she had been classifying herself as a minority professor in a directory of the Association of American Law Schools. That directory included Elizabeth Warren on a list of minority professors from 1986 to 1995. On Wednesday…” Remember, now, this is back in May of 2012. “On Wednesday, [Fauxcahontas] told reporters that she listed herself as a minority professor to connect with ‘people like me, people for whom Native American is part of their heritage and part of their hearts. There aren’t a lot of people like me in law teaching, and so I just thought I might find some others.'”

So Harvard Law School did not start this BS about Elizabeth Warren claiming she was one-thirty-second Cherokee. She started it. This is a significant distinction, because the general consensus is that Harvard started all of this ’cause they wanted to hire her and that they found an opening by way of somehow discovering her Indian heritage. She started this! This whole thing has been her idea. She started it years before she got into Harvard by listing herself as a minority professor — and there has been any evidence, other than her citation of a female relative with high cheekbones. But even at that, folks, how cheap is this anyway?

One-thirty-second Cherokee, in order to be hired as a law professor at Harvard or other places, when she clearly is not — and then she gets called out on it, and somehow this is racist? Somehow this is abusive on the part of Trump? And you see, it is. When you don’t let the left get away with their schemes — when you poke holes in it, when you burst their bubble — they react like stuck pigs and come after you. And they start accusing you of the same cliches they accuse all of their opponents of — and at the top of the list is “racist.”

So, anyway, Trump does this, focuses even more attention on himself. He knows how to play the media like a Stradivarius, and in the midst of all this attention then he gets to something that’s really mattering to him, really important to him and that’s this tax bill and how Chuck and Nancy are trying to gum up the works, that they’re the ones wanting the option of a government shutdown. They are the ones that want continued illegal immigration. This is what Trump is focusing on today. This is the message Trump is trying to enable people to see.

It all begins with him taking a shot at Pocahontas yesterday in the White House, and the media — clearly clueless — dutifully followed their script with their fake, phony outrage over Trump and causing all kinds of attention on Twitter, social media, and everywhere else. So now the endgame: Chuck and Nancy want the government to shut down. They want the option to shut it down and they want continued illegal immigration. That just happens to be the issue Trump was elected on. It’s a very dangerous thing to think you’re smarter than Trump. It’s a very dangerous thing to act as though Trump’s the big buffoon not knowing what he’s doing.


RUSH: I tell you, something else. The fact that Pelosi and Schumer are refusing to go to the meeting with Trump…? You know, all Trump did… Let me get the tweet again here: “Meeting with Chuck and Nancy today about keeping government open and working. Problem is they want illegal immigrants flooding into our country unchecked. They’re weak on crime and they want to substantially raise taxes. I don’t see a deal.” So Chuck and Nancy get all in atwitter here and they cancel the meeting, and what does that do?

That proves Trump is right. That proves that Trump is exposing their positions. They are… I don’t even know whether they get this, but by refusing to meet with Trump they are confirming that he nailed it. If Trump was wrong about any of this, then Schumer with say, “No, no, no, no. The president misunderstands. We look forward to meeting with him to tell him this is not our position.” But, no, no, no, not that. Old Chuck gets his little toupee up there in a wad along with AP and their wigwams in a wad and says, “Well, well, that’s just… You know what?

“We’re not even gonna waste time negotiating with the president. We’re gonna we’re gonna stick with negotiating with McConnell and Ryan.” Right, because in Chuck’s mind he can roll them. I say, “in his mind” he can roll ’em, but he can’t roll Trump. So, I’m telling you, all of this is happening with the added benefit that Trump has renewed focus on himself with that allusion to Pocahontas at the Navajo Code Talkers conference, the honorarium yesterday. See, people think Trump goes off script. They think Trump’s mind is undisciplined, and they think he’s got his own racism and bigotry.

So he’s sitting there… Here’s what they think. I’ll tell you exactly what they think in the Drive-By Media. There’s Trump in the White House, and they’ve got that picture of Andrew Jackson. Of course, they’re focusing on that, too, because Andrew Jackson was responsible for the Trail of Tears. In fact, there’s a state park where I grew up called Trail of Tears. We ended up calling it “Trail of Lumps” ’cause that’s where so many guys were told “no” on Friday nights in the front seat of the car. Really! It became Trail of Lumps. That’s what we called it.

It’s a beautiful place. Trail of Tears State Park. You can look it up. But in high school to us it was Trail of Lumps ’cause you went out there to park and if nothing happened then you got your lumps and you went home. (interruption) I don’t care what they do to me; this is the point. You know, you’ve been say that to me for 25 years, “Do you know what they’re gonna do to you after that?” Yes, I know exactly what they’re gonna do to me. They don’t have any sense of humor. Trail of Lumps. They’re gonna try to turn that into some sort of Native American slur, is what you mean, right?

Well, no. (interruption) It’s Trail of… (interruption) Well, they should probably dispatch a reporter to Cape Girardeau to find out, “Is Limbaugh telling the truth? Did you guys call it ‘Trail of Lumps’?” Look, I would love to take credit for having made up that name, but I didn’t. That’s just what it was called, long before I became old enough to drive a car out there and give it a go. That’s just what it was. Anyway, don’t distract me here. Trump’s there in the White House; he’s got the code talkers there underneath the photo of Andrew Jackson.

You think that’s accidental? It’s not. They think Trump… It’s one of two things on that. They think Trump is either tone-deaf or, “Man, does he really not like these guys.” So then Trump makes the Pocahontas comment and they think Trump is so undisciplined or worse that Trump is just mean. “What’s Elizabeth Warren got to do with any of this? What did she do to him? What…? Why is Elizabeth Warren even in his mind right now? What an absolute buffoon.” What they don’t get is that Trump knows how to make them bend to his will.

When they figure that out, ’cause they do now and then, that just infuriates ’em. So Trump, you can tell by the comment… In fact, I want you to listen to this. You tell me. We’re gonna go back in time if I can find it. Audio sound bite whatever number. It’s 1, 2, or 3. It’s Trump and the actual reference to Pocahontas. Mike, you’ve got the list there in front of you. Can you help me out here? Do you know what number I’m looking for? Here’s Trump. Let’s listen to this again, and you tell me if you think Trump is going off script here and does not intend to say this.

THE PRESIDENT: You were here long before any of us were here, although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas. But you know what? I like you, because you are special. You are special people. You are really incredible people.

RUSH: Does that sound like somebody went off script? No. He meant to say all that because, I’m telling you, he knows how to play these people like a Stradivarius. This is what… I think some of them might get it and they resent it. Some of them don’t get it. I’m talking about media people here. So Trump launches and they follow the script. They dutifully get mad and outraged and start leaning into Trump as a racist and how bigoted and how uncouth and how unpresidential and how unnecessary, how uncalled for, how whatever.

Then they go out and they ask the code talkers, “Did you find it strange that Trump started talking about Pocahontas when he’s out there giving you the medals?” “Yeah, we did. We found it a little weird. We didn’t think it meant…” Fine and dandy. Attention focuses on Trump. He wants the attention. It’s like Snerdley just said to me, “Do you realize what they’re gonna do?” As though I should be afraid of what they’re gonna do and maybe think next time twice about saying something. No. Trump knows exactly what they’re gonna do, and he invites it.

So do I, but don’t tell anybody. This is how I know Trump like the back of my hand. Yeah, I mean, it’s eerie how well I know Trump, and why I know and how I know why he’s doing what he’s doing. Anyway, he focuses attention on himself, and now what they don’t get, they still don’t get… I’m talking about the Democrats, Chuck and Nancy and the media. Remember now, they view average American voters with certain degrees of contempt.

They believe that voters are not capable of making up their own minds. They have to be either cajoled or persuaded by talk radio or Twitter or what have you — and particularly Republican voters. They’re simply… They’re not smart enough. This is what the media thinks. They’re not sophisticated enough. They can’t possibly understand how Washington works until the media tells them every day how Washington works. And, of course, when you’re talking about Trump voters it’s the exact opposite.

They are sophisticated; they know exactly why Washington works and how, and they don’t want any more of it, and that’s why Trump was elected. So the media will never understand what Trump has done here. Trump has just exposed Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and their position on this issue. And he did it by calling them out on that issue and their stance in his tweet. “Meeting with Chuck and Nancy today about keeping government open and working. The problem is, they want illegal immigrants flooding into our country unchecked.

“They’re weak on crime. They want to substantially raise taxes. I don’t see a deal,” and what did Chuck Schumer do? He confirms what Trump says by canceling the meeting! Trump thereby exposes Chuck and Nancy and Trump’s voters catch it. They’re watching. They notice it. They don’t need me telling them what just happened here. They’re sophisticated enough to get it. The media doesn’t think the voters are realizing anything here. The media thinks that they’re forcing people to question Trump’s sanity.

They think, the media believe, they are succeeding in getting the people, particularly Trump voters, to question him, to doubt him, and to maybe think he’s little off his rocker with this Pocahontas stuff and maybe even a little racist. They are completely clueless. They do not understand what Trump has done here.

They do not — this is key to understand, too — in their view, Trump is simply incapable of playing the long game; he’s not smart enough. In their view, he’s not capable of strategizing a move two and three days in advance. In other words, the way they think, Trump’s not smart enough to call attention to himself with Pocahontas for, in truth, focusing attention on Chuck and Nancy and exposing them on an issue they’re trying to slide by on. Trump’s not capable of that.

Remember, Trump’s unsuited. Trump is a buffoon and barbaric and all these other things, despite now coming up on two and a half years of Trump outsmarting everybody, winning the presidency, continuing to defy every day the efforts of the Drive-By Media to destroy him and get him out of office, he’s still there. U.S. consumer confidence has risen now to its highest level in 17 years. Home prices are on the rise. Unemployment is way down. Wages are up.

The economic news is great. We’re probably gonna have fourth quarter economic growth in excess of 3% when this gets reported in January of next year. But the Democrats don’t see any of that. They think, because they won the governor’s election in Virginia, that it’s over for Trump. And they think it’s over for Republicans ’cause of Roy Moore. They’re circling the wagons to hold onto Al Franken and John Conyers while still trying to get Roy Moore forced out of the race or tossed out of the Senate if he wins. They are not giving enough weight to the fact that practically all these sexual harassment perps are big-time liberal Democrat donors, fundraisers, bundlers.

So I think Trump is continuing, in his own way, to run rings around these people. The funny thing about it is that they see it the exact opposite. And some of the Never Trumpers do, too. The Never Trumpers think Trump is still a buffoon and an idiot and making a fool of himself. They think, “Why bring up Fauxcahontas? What point does it possibly make? What purpose does it possibly serve?” And we’re watching the purpose it serves by watching the Drive-By Media reaction.

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