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RUSH: By the way, I’m told Twitter is blowing up. I’ll tell you, folks, some of this stuff, I’m just getting sick of it. There is apparently a children’s book depicting a gay Santa in a biracial marriage, and now a gay nativity scene is being popularized called gaytivity, two Josephs kneeling over the baby Jesus.

And there’s an article in a feminist publication called Refinery 29, describing the scene. “What if it wasn’t Mary and Joesph who met their child that night, but instead Murray and Joseph? Or Marty and Joseph?” Because, after all, they say, Jesus had two fathers. Remember Heather Has Two Mommies, the little kids’ book that was being forced on kids about 15 years ago in the New York public school system.

Now Jesus had two fathers, of course, God and Joseph. There’s not a woman in this gaytivity scene and yet a feminist group is publicizing this. But this is the kind of rot that’s permeating out there on social media that is further obscuring and blurring reality and tradition. It’s just this never-ending quest for people who don’t consider themselves to be normal to try to change that and be considered normal. And as I say, it’s blowing up Twitter, but I don’t know how. I don’t know if it’s being massively supported or not. I just wanted to alert you to the fact that it’s there and remember, we’re on the cutting edge here, and since it’s early on you might be seeing this or hearing about it later.

I wanted you to have some advance notice of it, ’cause it’s the kind of meme — remember back in the era of homelessness when it was a big, major political football for the left, Mitch Snyder and the Center for Creative Nonviolence in Washington, Martin Sheen and all these guys kicking homeless people off the sewer grates at night to sleep to show solidarity. Back then they imagined that Mary and Joseph were homeless, was a way of romanticizing and promoting homelessness. Mary and Joseph were homeless. They arrived and had to stay in a manger, sleep on the hay. I mean, people wouldn’t give a hotel room, what have you. It was just absurd.

And it is yet again another attack on aspects of Western civilization and decency that knows no bounds. So now the gaytivity scene, which, by the way, you know, more and more American cities for a while there banned nativity scenes because it was forcing Christianity on nonbelievers. It was a violation of the First Amendment, forcing your religion on people.

I guarantee you that no such objection will be made if your town decides to have a gaytivity scene with Jesus in the cradle and two fathers. And if you object to that, you’ll be the bigot. If you object to that, you will be the racist and whatever other name-calling gets into gear.

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