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RUSH: My friends, it’s panic time in high-tax, Democrat states. Do you know why? The Republican tax bill in the Senate would eliminate state and local tax deductions. That would eliminate a lot of money flowing into state coffers.

California Democrat officials are “worried” they’ll be big losers. They’re “livid” this could force them to reduce taxes and make big cuts to schools and social services.

Typical liberal scare tactic. They can cut spending in other areas, like Jerry Brown’s multi-billion-dollar high-speed train to nowhere.

In New Jersey, Democrat senate president Steve Sweeny says they’ll have to “re-evaluate everything.” Earlier, he had called passing a new “millionaires tax” the top priority of the new Democrat administration with a newly installed Democrat governor. Now that’s up in the air.

In New York, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo and city officials are worried that wealthy New Yorkers will decide to leave if the deductions are eliminated. Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney had the perfect comeback. He said, “Is it the federal government’s fault that New York taxes are so high that they’re driving people out of the state?”

Blue-state Democrats have hidden their high-tax schemes behind this deduction for decades. Now their cover is blown! And the highly-taxed chickens are about to leave the roost! That’s what they fear. The problem is, they move to where we live and corrupt our neighborhoods all over again. We can’t win!

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