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RUSH: Well! Another woman has come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Al Franken. Franken says he’s not gonna resign. He’s sitting out there contemplating and reflecting, which means he’s trying to remember any others that could come forward and try to get hold of him. If anybody’s gonna hire Hillary Clinton, it would be Al Franken.

Yes, another woman has come forward, sexual misconduct allegations against Al Franken. The woman says that Franken inappropriately touched her in 2010. She says that he grabbed her buttocks while taking a photo at the Minnesota state fair. So by my count, Al Franken quickly catching up with Roy Moore here, folks. By my count, Moore has only three allegations of sexual misconduct against him, and none from this century. Al Franken has two allegations against him, and both are from this century. Roy Moore’s are from 38, 39, 40 years ago.

Now, the interesting thing about this is that this latest Franken accuser says it happened in 2010. That’s after Franken had been elected to the Senate. That means Franken was a senator when this groping happened. He’d been a senator for two years. Remember Gloria Borger, CNN: Hey, he’s just a comedian. They do these things. Hey, he was just a private citizen.

That won’t cut it here, ladies and gentlemen. Because now this happened while Franken was in the Senate. And remember, our microphones were there when Franken talked to Bill Clinton about this problem.


ANNOUNCER: We now take you behind the scenes as Bill Clinton tries to get some much-needed rest.

CLINTON: It just won’t quit ringing. Harvey, I told you —

FRANKEN: Hi, Bill. This is (mumbling) Franken.

CLINTON: Franken? You, too?

FRANKEN: (mumbling)

CLINTON: A woman says you forcibly kissed her on a USO tour.


CLINTON: Well, you could say she was attracted to you, but, um, I got it. Just say that you don’t remember the rehearsal that way.

FRANKEN: Another problem. (mumbling) There was a photo.

CLINTON: And there’s a photo of you grabbing her boobs while she slept.

FRANKEN: It’s a joke, a joke.

CLINTON: Okay, that’s easy. You say that they have violated your right to privacy and that what happens in the privacy of your own —

FRANKEN: I posed for it.

CLINTON: You posed for it?

FRANKEN: On the plane.

CLINTON: On the plane? As a joke?

FRANKEN: Can I use the “that ain’t me” defense?

CLINTON: No, you can’t use the “that ain’t me” defense on this one.

FRANKEN: It was just a joke.

CLINTON: Al, you gotta get extremely close to a crazy, powerful Democratic constituency the Republicans can’t deal with, like the gay lobby.

FRANKEN: (mumbling).

CLINTON: You’re joking. You actually said that you were glad a homosexual got killed?

FRANKEN: It was a joke.

CLINTON: Well, let me tell you a joke. Two guys went into a gay bar on a Friday night to pick up a dude. One of those guys better be you.

FRANKEN: No. No, no. No.

CLINTON: Good luck, handsome. Bye-bye.

FRANKEN: No. No, no. No.

ANNOUNCER: Join us next time our microphones take you behind the scenes.

FRANKEN: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


RUSH: White comedian Paul Shanklin there, President Clinton and Al Franken strategizing over what Franken should do next. So Franken now has two allegations; Roy Moore has three, and Franken’s are yet to be finished. They’re probably continuing to roll out.

And there’s another one. Now these allegations are really starting to hit close to home for the left. The White House correspondent for the New York Times, Glenn Thrush, who used to be at The Politico — he wears one of those fedora hats to make himself look like Walter Winchell. Obviously this guy has a nostalgic feeling for the past, the old gumshoe reporters of yore. And this is the guy, he has just been vicious to Trump. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders got an appropriate tweet in response out today, which is sweet justice.

But he’s been accused of sexual impropriety, and according to Vox, V-o-x, he has been suspended by the New York Times. Now, the accusation, according to Vox, is that Glenn Thrush and a young woman met at her colleague’s going-away party at a bar near The Politico newsroom and they shared a few rounds of adult beverages in a booth. The night, she said, ended on a Washington street corner where Thrush left her in tears after she resisted his advances.

So Mr. Snerdley came in to me today, we were talking about the news of the day, we’d just finished talking about Marshawn Lynch standing for the Mexican national anthem while seated for the U.S. national anthem. You know, Snerdley would tell me things and I would react. He said, “You know, it’s a shame you can’t say what you really think about all this stuff.” I said, “I know it is.”

Some of this stuff, so far, 90% of what I really think about it, I don’t dare tell you. Twenty-five years ago, no sweat. Twenty-five years ago you’d have been rolling in the aisle. Some of you would have had to stop the car and pull off the side of the road while you laughed. Today, can’t go there. The Nazi speech police are everywhere. They’re out there lurking at everything.

Oh, that’s another thing. Got a great story. Tina Brown who ran the New Yorker and Vanity Fair and the Talk magazine for Harvey Weinstein, very, very mad at Facebook and Google for stealing all the advertising revenue in the print business. But she’s also mad at something else that she and everybody else in journalism has total control over and they’re acting like they have no control over it, they’re acting like total victims. Rather than paraphrase, I’m gonna read her actual complaint to you as the program unfolds today.


RUSH: Now, this Glenn Thrush business, here’s another Drive-By Media reporter to join what’s his name, Mark Halperin and join what’s his name, Harvey Weinstein, join what’s his name, Al Franken, join what’s his name, Kevin Spacey. I mean the names, the list seems endless.

The reporter on this Glenn Thrush story for Vox, not Fox, but Vox, V-o-x, her name is Laura McGann. She goes on to say: “Three young women I interviewed, including the young woman who met Thrush in June, described to me a range of similar experiences, from unwanted groping and kissing to wet kisses out of nowhere to hazy sexual encounters that played out under the influence of alcohol. Each woman described feeling differently about these experiences: scared, violated, ashamed, weirded out.”

So I was telling you, Snerdley came in and he was talking to me about this, said, “You know, I’m troubled by this.”

I said, “Why are you troubled by it? It’s a Drive-By reporter.”

He said, “Because booze is involved. Apparently he got drunk at the bar on adult beverages, and so did these women. Well, when that happens, why is anybody responsible for anything? How come the guy is the only one taking the hit when the guy and the women are both consuming adult beverages?”

And I looked at Snerdley, and I said, “You’re not supposed to ask that question. The way things are going, we’ll take it any way we can get it.” These are the people. I don’t care if his defense is he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing or she was drunk or they were drunk and didn’t know what they were doing, these are the people who have been running around claiming for decades that we Republicans have been conducting a War on Women.

These are the people that said Mitt Romney’s binders filled with the names of women was somehow discriminatory and sexist when the press was peppering him about why he doesn’t have enough women or didn’t have enough women on his campaign. He said, “I got binders full of women here,” and they turned that into some sort of sexist comment. These are the people that have been seeking and searching and destroying conservatives on the basis of race and feminism and sexism and climate change and you name it.

So any time one of them gets held up and hoisted on the own brassiere or petard, if they’re gonna get in the arena and they’re gonna pull this stuff, then they gonna have to accept the fact that it all comes back on you at some point. Snerdley said, “I thought you’d be bigger than that.” What do you mean, bigger? Loyal to men? This is not about loyalty to men, loyalty to women. This is about they’ve politicized, they’ve corrupted everything here.

I mean the question is, so what’s he doing getting drunk with a bunch of people in a bar? How about the responsibility or irresponsibility of that? Snerdley says, “Everybody gets drunk.” No, they don’t. Anyway, Snerdley, he didn’t go to the mat defending Thrush. He just pointed out here that it’s a little bit of a disparity that if the women involved can get tanked and the guy gets tanked, that the women are still held up as innocent waifs and victims while the drunk guy remains as guilty as if he was sober. Hey, those are the new rules, live it love it learn it. Guys like Thrush helped write those new rules.

And I’ll tell you something else. There are four more women perhaps who are coming forth from the nineties saying that Clinton did the deed to them. Ed Klein has the story. There’s even a bullet point in this story that Hillary Clinton offered to hire private detectives to find out who these women are. Like in the last month or so. It just doesn’t get any better. If you’re worried the cumulative effect this is having on the crumbling of our culture, hey, folks, that’s already happened and they led the charge on that too.

So what else do we have here? Let’s see. Yes. The women described feeling differently about these experiences as scared with Glenn Thrush, violated with Glenn Thrush, ashamed with Glenn Thrush, and weirded out. Now, these guys, by the way, these guys, I’m sure Glenn Thrush was shocked. I mean, he’s appropriately pro-choice, he’s learned the Weinstein lesson, he’s learned the Hollywood lesson.

I mean, these guys are no different. I mean, if they’re hetero, they want to be with women, and they find out what women want, and they believe that women are pro-choice, and Nina Burleigh promising Clinton any kind of Lewinsky any time he wants it for saving abortion. Thrush hears that, thinks all we gotta do is be right politically. And yet these women feel weirded out.

Now there’s a story, a survey, and this is gonna be such a disappointing reality for a bunch of people on the left. U.K. Daily Mail: “Women really DO fancy men with ‘muscles and money’ according to the website full of pictures of ‘hot commuters’ taken secretly by females on the London Underground.”

Scientists studied these images. The website is called Tube Crush, and these scientists got hold of candid pictures women were taking of men on the London subway. Women secretly take pictures of hot men on the underground. Site users can then post comments underneath the picture and rate the image of the guy.

So guys are being objectified here by females on the London subway system, and then scientists are looking at it. The scientists have concluded that what women on the London subway are attracted to is men who are wealthy, considered attractive, powerful arms, powerful chest muscles, and men who wear suits. Men who wear a coat and tie, who appear to be wealthy and appear to be good-looking are still the number one type that women are attracted to.

Well, do you realize how many leftists are gonna be let down by that. Researchers found that women tend to focus on men who look wealthy, those with large muscles. The authors say despite women’s advancement in society, the findings suggest they have not moved on in what they find attractive beyond money and strength. What do you mean, have not moved on? That’s been since the beginning of time. And it’s always gonna be that. It’s never gonna be anything other than that.

It’s never gonna be the norm that women want wusses! It’s never gonna be the norm that women want pansies! It’s never gonna be the norm that women want a bunch of poorly dressed, unkempt slobs, no matter what their political affiliation. There are certain things in human nature that are universal, and no matter what the feminists do, are not going to be able to rewrite them.

Thirty years of the modern era of feminism, try 40 or more years of the modern era of feminism has demonstrated that. But that doesn’t stop them from trying. It’s what modern-day feminism is actually built on, trying to change the basic tenets of universal human nature, largely because they’re so unhappy and mad about how unkind human nature has been to them.


RUSH: In other news, ladies and gentlemen, the mass murderer Charles Manson has finally assumed room temperature. I haven’t read any of the obituaries that have been written for years just waiting for this seminal moment, but maybe you have. Snerdley, have you read any Charles Manson obits? (interruption) One story. Did they omit/gloss over all the women he groped and go straight to the murders? They probably did, right? They probably didn’t even talk about all the women this guy groped and harassed and all. The guy was a king harasser. I mean, this guy was a… I mean, led the league in harassment and groping and who knows what else, and I’ll betcha they gloss right over that and go straight to the murders in these obits. I wouldn’t be surprised.


RUSH: Now, the latest Bill Clinton sexual harassment allegations are exclusive to the U.K. Daily Mail. They actually come from Ed Klein, who, again, I interviewed last week for the upcoming issue of The Limbaugh Letter. This guy used to be the editor of the New York Times Sunday magazine way, way back before the current regime run by Little Pinch Schultzburger. This is when Abe Rosenthal edited the paper. It was still a left-wing liberal paper, but nothing like it is today. It was mainstream liberal back then, but at least a guy like Klein could get hired.

He’s got this story in the Daily Mail, “Exclusive: Bill Clinton is facing NEW accusations of sexual assault by four women while the former president was working with a billionaire playboy and flying on his private jet.”

Now, this is not Jeffrey Epstein. This is Ron Burkle. Ron Burkle, another Clinton and Weinstein buddy. Burkle is a grocery store magnate. He’s a multibillionaire. He has what looks like his jet’s either a Boeing — I think it’s a 757, and it has a nickname: Air F-bomb One is the name of Burkle’s airplane. This is what Clinton was flying around on. He’s facing accusations of sexual assault from four new women, according to Democrat Party sources.

“The unidentified women were employed in low-level positions at the Burkle organization and in their late teens at the time of the alleged assaults. … Hillary Clinton –” This cracks me up. “Hillary Clinton allegedly offered to hire private detectives to find dirt on the new accusers, but Clinton’s legal team advised against it.”

I mean, it has to be somewhat recently when this happened and Hillary’s offering to hire private detectives. At the time the entire Democrat Party is trying to throw Bill Clinton overboard for Lewinsky and Willey and Broaddrick and Jones? That’d make good song. Remember Abraham, Martin, and John? Lewinsky, Broaddrick, Willey, and Jones. (singing) Anybody seen old friend Willie? This is just delectable. I have to tell you, it’s delicious, especially with the news that Hillary wants to revive the bimbo eruptions unit anyway.

You know, if this is true or not, Ed Klein’s source is a highly placed Democrat Party official. So I think it’s logical to conclude that the Democrats are doing everything they can to get rid of Clinton, both of them, as faces and leaders of the modern-day Democrat Party. This is unprecedented. Look at how many years have gone by where there wasn’t one tattletale, there wasn’t one whistleblower, there wasn’t one malcontent employee inside any of the Clinton operations, from the White House to the Crime Family Foundation to the Clinton Global Initiative whoever volunteered a single salacious story.

And now we’re being flooded with them. And all of these media people who helped Clinton hide this stuff and destroy his accusers back then are now coming forward and claiming, “Maybe we made a mistake.” And of course there’s only one reason they’re doing this. They’ve weighed the options, and they figured getting rid of Trump outweighs saving the legacy and reputation of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary has proven she can’t win twice. She’s proven she cannot run decent campaigns twice. She has proven that she cannot win against a man they all think is a reprobate. She is toast. She is worthless to them. But she won’t go away. Hence, the Democrat Party and its power base, the Drive-By Media, throwing Bill Clinton under the bus.

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