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RUSH: Newt Gingrich has weighed in. He said it’s amazing how quickly a “lynch mob” can form in the wake of the sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore. He said, “This guy’s never had a jury trial, he’s never been indicted, there’s never been a chance to measure up against his accusers. I’m not defending him, I’m just saying it’s amazing to me … how rapidly the lynch mob can form.” Well, it ought not be. This isn’t the first time a lynch mob has formed!

Lynch mobs in the Drive-By Media aimed at Republicans and conservatives are very common and they can be ginned up overnight. And, believe me, all of people are very cognizant of that. This has been all-encompassing, there’s no question. There’s no partisan dividing line on this. I mean, there is nobody, nobody out there who wants to give Judge Moore the benefit of a single doubt. Everybody wants to be on the side of universal condemnation. We need the equivalent of the political death penalty, and we need it imposed now.

I’m not trying to be disrespectful of Newt. I know what Newt is saying here. Can I translate this? When Newt Gingrich it’s says amazing how fast a lynch mob can form, ’cause it’s not amazing. Lynch mobs, media, Democrat Party, lynch mobs are common. What Mr. Newt is actually saying is — how old is Judge Moore? How old is he — 60 some odd? Okay, 70.

Judge Moore apparently has been engaging in this kind of behavior for many, many moons. A little Indian lingo there. And throughout his life — by the way, did you know that prior to 1992 he was a Democrat? Throughout his life, the entirety of his life, none of this was either found, or, if it was found, if it was known, none of it was reported. And yet everybody’s, “Oh, yeah, everybody knew Judge Moore was doing this. Everybody knew Harvey Weinstein was doing what he was doing. Oh, yeah, everybody knows Judge Moore likes the young skirts.”

Really? Well, why didn’t it make any news? This is not the first political achievement Judge Moore has sought. You know, he is a judge. There were efforts to stop him from being a judge, but it was largely on the basis of the fact that he likes the Ten Commandments on public display. So what Newt’s actually saying here is, where’d all this stuff come from? If it’s been known and if it has been well documented, why has it not been reported until now? And that is a curious question. It is not a defense.

I feel embarrassed to insult your intelligence to have to remind you that none of this is a defense, but the Drive-Bys are in a state here that they are incapable of listening and hearing things rationally. Mr. Newt said that the burden is on Judge Moore to “convince” those in Alabama he’s worthy of being a senator. “I am frankly a little disappointed in people in Washington who take the totally phony news of The Washington Post, immediately rush to judgment.” He said it would be “destructive” to set up a write-in campaign in the Alabama Senate race.

Fine and dandy. Let me tell you what the real outcome of this is going to be, or one of the potential outcomes of this, regardless of what happens to Judge Moore, who was a Democrat before 1992.


RUSH: May I remind you of something about Judge Moore? The reaction to Judge Moore from inside the Beltway was extreme and loud even before all of the sexual harassment and the other alleged acts of perversion were announced. When the Republican primary was going on in Alabama, the Republicans inside the Beltway, the Republican leadership, none of ’em wanted Judge Moore.

Again, this is important. Even before all of the allegations made about acts that the judge had committed 38 or 40 years ago, even before those that surfaced this guy was obviously persona non grata. This guy, they didn’t want this guy anywhere near Washington, DC. Not even Trump. Trump didn’t even endorse the guy. Trump endorsed Luther Strange, who was the temporary incumbent at the time.

So why? What was it about Judge Moore even before all this that everybody’s talking about now surfaced that still made the swamp react in abject panic and anger? Remember when Steve Bannon threw his hat in the ring for Judge Moore and made it clear that this was part of an effort to unseat Mitch McConnell as the Republican leader in the Senate. Bannon had made no secret of his desire to replace the Republican leadership and have them replaced by people more attuned to America’s Republican populist voters. And Judge Moore was going to be one of the early candidates to attempt this makeover, if you will, of the Republican Party.

And the opposition to Judge Moore was just as loud and just as pointed. There was as much of it as there is now. The difference now is that it has become unanimous on both sides and has become very loud. But why the original opposition to Judge Moore? Again, before all of the sex stuff surfaced? Oh, one other thing. I can’t help it. Another little factoid, folks. You know, one of the allegations is that Judge Moore was on a double date with Joe Biden and that they — no, I’d better not try to make a joke. The Drive-Bys just don’t have any humor anymore and take everything literally.

Judge Moore is alleged to have picked up the waitress in the diner after her boyfriend was late. He offered to take her home and instead drove her around back of the diner in the parking lot and locked all the doors, preventing her escape and then began to sexually accost and abuse her. There are people writing news stories today saying there is no parking lot behind this diner. No parking lot behind the diner. So where did Judge Moore actually go with the waitress? I’m throwing it out as an open-ended question.

But again, what was it that inspired such opposition to Judge Moore — and by the way, he’s not alone — opposition to any number of other Republican candidates throughout the years. And I’ll tell you what it is. As far as the Washington establishment sees it — and by establishment, let me define that again. Not just the parties, but there are certain members of the establishment media, Washington media that are in the establishment, and there are many of them who are conservative.

The establishment is made up of people who believe they are special and elite by virtue of their membership and where they live and their jobs and their importance and their relevance. They’re all opinion makers. They are opinion movers. They are policy makers and policy influencers, and they’re special. And there will not be people in Congress, House or Senate, who have a different outlook and a different opinion on things. They’re not gonna permit it.

They’re not going to permit anybody who thinks differently, anybody who wants to do things differently, anybody who has current disagreements with existing policy and procedures. That’s what this is. This is the swamp circling the wagons and making sure that nobody gets in there that is drastically different from those who are already there. Instead, the people that will be welcomed to the establishment are those who can be forced either to conform or who will willingly conform upon arrival and end up in lockstep with those who determine what is and what isn’t inside the establishment.

Now, isn’t that what Trump voters are actually trying to do? Isn’t it that Trump voters are actually trying to send people to Washington who do think differently, who do have different attitudes, who do have different policy suggestions and solutions and who are not conformists with the establishment way of doing? Isn’t that precisely what Donald Trump is?

Again, this is not a defense of Roy Moore, what he has or hadn’t done, because, frankly, I don’t know. This, to me, is about that but so much more. The sex and all that’s being focused on because the objective is to ruin this guy and to send the message to anybody else that might want to go to Washington and do things differently, don’t even try, because you’ll be next. That’s what all of this nonstop search-and-destroy mission on Trump is. It’s not only to get rid of him, to paralyze him, to render him incompetent, but it’s to send a message to anybody else who might have a similar idea to not even try it because you do not want to live through what we will put you through.

Their attitude is, there’s no need to have people here with a different outlook than what we already have. There’s no reason to have people here that have a different opinion on things. We don’t need that. We need people that are gonna conform. We need people who, when they get here, are gonna be happy they’re here, and they’re gonna do what we say they have to do so they can climb the ladder of success in our establishment. We want conformists. We want people who act alike, thinking alike, talk alike, we want people who represent us well. We don’t want these outsiders here. And that’s why the opposition to Judge Moore even before all the sexual allegations began.

He’s just weird. The guy’s just a creep to them. He’s kooky, he’s weird, he’s a nut, he’s an oddball, he’s embarrassing. He’s everything in the world the swamp would not want to have to say is a member. But on these charges of sexual harassment, I don’t care who you are, they’re very difficult to defend against. They really are. You can do it, but I think it’s a very successful line of attack. And any man could be accused of this. There doesn’t have to be any hard evidence of it.

Now, I’m not suggesting that there’s false allegations going on here about anybody else. I’m just saying that this allegation is a real, real tough one to defend against. And it’s always going to be one of the arrows in the quiver. And what’s happening now is pure, solid evidence of the effectiveness of it.

Now, in practically every the case that we’re hearing about, almost everybody has acknowledged guilt to one degree or another. Jeremy Piven is still flatly denying and a couple of others, but nevertheless, it’s a tough one to defend against. And even if you successfully defend yourself against it, it stains and it tarnishes. And those who would wield such allegations are very much aware of this. So Newt Gingrich talks about it with a new level of lynch mob politics.

Meanwhile, there are some Democrats who get away with things they’re not held to account on it whatsoever. One would be Bill Clinton. Robert Menendez is on trial with similar allegations and others and you can’t even find it reported on. He’s a Democrat senator from New Jersey. But you can’t find hardly any news about it. And Joe Biden, nickname is Handsy, and there’s a reason for it. “Well, that’s just old Joe.”

So this is something I expect that we’re going to see many more allegations of, particularly against people who might act different and think different and want to be different. ‘Cause these are dangerous times for the establishment. And the more success Trump has that can be tied to Donald Trump, the more irritated and filled with angst the establishment is going to end up being. So ponder all that.

Now another brief, obscene profit time-out. We’ll be back.

Do you know that polling data on Judge Moore — this will surprise you. Latest I have, yesterday: “Alabama Senate GOP candidate Roy Moore leads his Democratic opponent Doug Jones by 6 points in a new poll amid fallout over decades-old allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore.” Two allegations from 40 and 38 years ago.

“Moore leads Jones 49 to 43 percent in a FOX10 poll of likely voters released Tuesday.” And then Judge Moore holds a ten-point lead over Doug Jones in a new Senate poll. “An Alabama Senate poll released Monday and conducted by Emerson College said Moore is leading Democrat Doug Jones by 10 points. Emerson had Moore, the Republican nominee, leading Jones 55-45 in the poll conducted Thursday through Saturday. The sample pool of likely Senate voters was 600 and the automated landline poll had a margin of error of 3.9 percent.”

Emerson said don’t get it wrong here, though. This represents a “significant drop” in support for Moore in which he was up as much as 22 points over Luther Strange back during the Republican primary. So that’s the latest polling data as of Monday and Tuesday of this week. Oh, and then there’s this fascinating little headline from TheHill.com. “GOP Hopes Trump Will Save Alabama Senate Seat.” Really?

“Republicans are looking for President Trump to get them out of a jam and convince Roy Moore to drop out of the Senate race in Alabama. So far, their calls for Moore to step aside over allegations of sexual misconduct have fallen on deaf ears.” So the only way out of this jam is for Judge Moore to step aside and let a Democrat win the seat.


RUSH: Here’s Mark in Port Townsend — where’s Port Townsend? Port Townsend what?

CALLER: That’s a little bit west of Seattle.

RUSH: In Washington. Okay. Great to have you with us. How you doing, sir?

CALLER: I’m doing great, sir. I hope you’re doing well yourself.

RUSH: I am under siege today, Mark. I’m under siege. The Drive-By Media is after me because I dared to point out that Roy Moore used to be a Democrat.

CALLER: That’s why you get paid the big bucks. I’m envious of you.

RUSH: (laughing).

CALLER: So the comment I wanted to make was that as a retired law enforcement officer, Jeff Sessions — I’m speaking as a retired law enforcement officer — Jeff Sessions says he doesn’t see any reason to doubt these girls’ word. Well, I see a really good reason. None of these girls have been put under oath and made a sworn statement under penalty of perjury. And Gloria Allred should be able to tell you that is the first thing you do when you get a client, you depose them and you get their statement on the record, and then you go from there. And if they’re not willing to make a sworn statement, that sounds really fishy to me.

RUSH: I take it you don’t believe the women or you just don’t have enough information yet to make a determination?

CALLER: You don’t have enough information to make a determination, but speaking as an ex-cop, I find it fishy that nobody has made a sworn statement. And about that yearbook thing, you know, when I was in uniform at a certain time of year you’d get kids walking up to you all the time wanting you to sign their yearbook. “Hey, Officer Mark, sign my yearbook.” And I was only a cop. Can you imagine how politicians get kids wanting — doesn’t mean you remember all of them.

RUSH: Hang on. On the yearbook stuff, folks, for those of you who may not be up to speed on this — and I doubt there are very many of you — there are allegations that some of these autographs in yearbooks are forged. There are conservative blog sites claiming to have evidence by virtue of side-by-side comparison that somebody other than Judge Moore signed some of these things. This is the first I’ve mentioned that. I’m just reacting to you bringing up the yearbooks.

You’re upset with Jeff Sessions. He’s the attorney general, and he is going ahead and acknowledging that he believes witnesses before anybody’s been put under oath, and you think that’s a little unprofessional, right?

CALLER: It sounds to me like he’s just trying to tread carefully.

RUSH: Well, look, this is politics. It has its own court, and it’s not a court of law.

CALLER: But these girls are making public statements —

RUSH: They are women. They are women.

CALLER: Okay, they’re making public statements impugning somebody’s honor. And somebody with responsibility needs to explain to them, if you’re gonna besmirch somebody, you gotta put it on the record.

RUSH: No, you don’t. Only in court. And this is not in court. This is in politics.

CALLER: I understand it’s politics, but Gloria Allred should know what the law is.

RUSH: I’m sure she does. That’s why she’s not in court and is instead on TV.

CALLER: I just want to make that point, Rush. Thank you.

RUSH: I’m glad you called, Mark. Folks, I have to tell you, I’m having a little fun with this. No, don’t misunderstand here, but he’s exactly right, but of course that doesn’t — there’s a whole different inertia and movement now that is taking place in the world of politics, and there is no room for doubt. I mean, the guy did it, you don’t disbelieve the women. I mean, that’s something you must subscribe to now. The women don’t lie, except if you’re Juanita Broaddrick, then of course… that’s the point.


RUSH: I was having fun with the caller and his obvious consternation by confusing what happens in politics with what happens in the law, which is ironic, because the laws are written by these people. But what happens there apparently the law doesn’t matter first and foremost. Find it funny.


RUSH: Steve in Rochester, Minnesota. Great to have you with us, sir. How are you?

CALLER: Hey, good. Thanks, Rush. Dittos. I’ve been listening since 1991. So I was reading through a Fox News story on the various senators, Republican senators and their comments about this whole situation, and I read read ’em one after another; there were many. And I was thinking as I got most of the way through it, this sounds a lot like your media montages, vis-a-vis gravitas, that I often hear on your show. The similarities were striking in what they said. And it was an observation that led me to think that this is really a coordinated attack. And I think that should be the focus, not the “he said, she said,” but the fact that this guy’s being attacked by the establishment, big time.

RUSH: Let me put it to you another way in the form of a question. Interesting observation, by the way, that you, in reading and listening to all of the different people opposing Judge Moore, they’re all saying the same thing, is that your point? Just like when Cheney was mentioned as the potential vice presidential nominee for George W. Bush, about 85 media people all said, “That’s gravitas. This is to provide gravitas.” They all had that word. You think the same thing’s happening here with the response to Judge Moore?

CALLER: Yes. Exactly.

RUSH: Okay. So do you think — let me just ask you point-blank — do you think that, whether he did it or not, he’s being railroaded?


RUSH: Interesting.

CALLER: Yep. I think this is a coordinated attack, and what spurred me to think this was your comments yesterday about Mitch McConnell attacking Bannon’s choice. And I thought how else could you do this? Here we are a month away from the election.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. I don’t think there’s in doubt here. When Bannon went public and said that Judge Moore was the first of many candidates they’re gonna support in order to oust the Republican leadership, I don’t think there’s any question here that McConnell’s reacting to that.

Let me just ask you this. Have any of you ever, do you ever remember Mitch McConnell or the Republican leadership ever going after a Democrat the way they’re going after — (interruption) You don’t remember. You don’t remember McConnell ever going after a Democrat the way they’re going after…

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