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RUSH: So let me just ask you point-blank, folks. Do you think that Roy Moore is a creep who did the deed? You do? You do? You do? As of today and after the mall, after the report about the mall, you’re done? I’ve got unanimity in here. Everybody thinks the creep did the deed. Deed or deeds, plural? Deeds. Just getting too much here to say that there’s a conspiracy, too much here to say that the Drive-Bys are making it up.

Greetings, folks. Wait — great to have you. Rush Limbaugh here behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Telephone number, 800-282-2882, and the email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

Well, whether Judge Moore did the deed or deeds or not, what’s really happening here, folks, if you really want to know — I mean, it’s a multifaceted search-and-destroy mission here, but what’s really driving this — do not doubt me on this — what’s really driving this is Mitch McConnell saying to Steve Bannon, “Really? You think you’re gonna get your guys elected? You think you’re gonna get your guys elected and me kicked outta here? Really? Seriously? Okay, watch this.”

Don’t forget that Judge Moore, Trump did not endorse him, but Steve Bannon, I don’t know, enforced, chose, got behind, supports, what have you, and Bannon has been very up front about the objective he has, and that is to get Mitch McConnell out of the Senate. Even if all we had was one allegation against Judge Moore, this was gonna be it for Judge Moore, didn’t matter, because this is now being used to send a message to Bannon and his group that you think you’re gonna get rid of me, well, take a look at what’s gonna happen every time you try.

So that clearly is a factor here. And there’s much more to the news today on this. It’s just added details and Judge Moore denying that he even knew this new accuser, saying he’s unfamiliar with the restaurant and the waitress and claiming that the babe that Gloria Allred produced yesterday is totally just making it up.


RUSH: I checked the email during the break, and there were a couple that I saw and essentially — I’m not gonna read them word-for-word, but — the point was, “Why are you spending the first hour of your program today talking about ChiComs and Trump and negotiating? Why are you not talking about Roy Moore? Do you not realize what’s happening in your own country?”

Okay. I had to stop for a moment and consider this ’cause I’ve got my Roy Moore Stack right here, and I have my Roy Moore sound bites over here, and I’ve got this and that over there. So why did I…? You know, nothing is planned here. Folks, I don’t script anything, and there’s no blocks. There’s no A Block or B Block where the A Block I talk about Roy Moore. When I open my mouth when this program starts, that’s what I decided I’m gonna do — and the whole thing is improv. There is no planning.

So I had to ask myself, “Why did I not go to Roy Moore?” Well, there’s two reasons. A, there’s three hours here, and I’m gonna get to Roy Moore at some point. But the more important reason is because that’s what everybody else is doing. You can’t turn on the television (which I’m doing less and less of anyway), you can’t go Drudge Report or anywhere without Roy Moore here, Roy Moore there. I’ve always been the guy that never plays or participates with conventional wisdom.

If everybody else is doing X, I am likely not gonna be. But it’s not a conscious thing. In other words, I don’t sit here and calculate, “Okay. Everybody’s talking about Roy Moore, so I’m gonna do something else.” It just happen. It’s just my instincts. Now, it doesn’t mean I’m not interested in certain aspects of the Roy Moore story. It is just that I think so much of it is trumped up anyway. I don’t mean the charges. I just mean the media… It’s all part of the daily soap opera — which is trash, destroy, get rid of Republicans.

I’m gonna tell you something, folks. I’m getting weary showing up here and my first objective or first responsibility being to defend people. I’m just tired of it! And that’s what largely much of conservative media has always been ’cause the left is constantly on the march, and every day they’re attacking somebody else or some issue or something that does require defense, because we’re all in the arena of ideas. We’re trying to prevent the perversion of the minds of our country. We’re trying to prevent the pollution of the minds of our country.

And every day, the media, the left is on the march trying to pervert, trying to corrupt, trying to pollute, trying to get rid of Trump, trying to get rid of the next Republican, trying to get… And there are just some days I’m not in the mood to just totally be on the defensive, and I guess today was one of those days where I just didn’t feel like it. Not defending Moore but rather attacking motives of the media. (sigh) I think you in this audience are fully informed now and fully educated on the modus operandi of the media and what their objective is.

As I said… In fact, I did address it in the first hour. I think what really is happening here? I think Roy Moore is actually Steve Bannon being told by Mitch McConnell, “Oh, yeah? You think you’re getting rid of me? Let me show you what’s gonna happen to everybody you nominate to try to get rid of me.” Because Bannon has said that his objective is to get rid of Mitch McConnell, not just as leader of the Republicans, but out of the Senate. But certainly he wants to oust McConnell as the Senate Republican majority leader.

McConnell may look like a turtle, he may talk like a turtle, he may walk like a turtle, but the guy is not the turtle. He’s the scorpion, and you are seeing the McConnell scorpion sting right now. And if it weren’t Roy Moore, it would be somebody else that Bannon had chosen to support who had become a Republican candidate with the objective being to get rid of Mitch. But the ongoing details? I mean, Gloria Allred? Please, give me a break. Do we have to talk about her again and her stupid daughter, Lisa Bloom?

Allred’s involved? Already there ought to be giant clouds of doubt over everything she’s saying. Whatever she’s bringing forth, whatever woman she found to drag out of the bushes somewhere, there ought to be automatic doubt about it. There is with me to the point that I don’t even want to mess with it first. I mean, I’ll get to it today, but (sigh) I just don’t go with the pack.


RUSH: Jim in Farmington, Missouri, great to have you, sir, on the program today. How you doing?

CALLER: Hi. I’m a doing good, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thanks.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Uh-huh.

CALLER: I’ve been a student of yours for quite some time, since the early nineties.

RUSH: Appreciate that.

CALLER: And I want to thank you for your book series. I just got my 5-year-old granddaughter in kindergarten the first book, and she loves it.

RUSH: I appreciate that too. Thank you very much.

CALLER: You’re very welcome. Hey, I’m worried about this Ray [sic] Moore thing.

RUSH: How so? What worries you about it?

CALLER: Well, the charges are serious, but how do you disprove something 40 years ago, and when you trot Gloria Allred out, you have to have skepticism in there. But my worry is the so-called conservatives in Congress are gonna fall prey to this and throw this man under the bus and then they’ll forever set a precedent for getting rid of conservative people that we might try to elect.

RUSH: So you’re afraid that if everybody stands aside and lets “Ray” Moore be thrown overboard, that the left is gonna learn that all I gotta do is come forth and accuse somebody else and that Republicans are gonna start caving left and right. I can understand the fear, but not quite sure it’s universal.


RUSH: Let’s swerve into Roy Moore, and that will take us — I’ll make the transition seamless — into the Jeff Sessions testimony today before the House Judiciary Committee. ‘Cause some of it is quite comical. The first allegations, the first accusations did not make Roy Moore resign. So now new allegations are coming forward. They’re ratcheting up the charges, and now it used to be the guy just likes young girls. He likes to be in their company and he likes to smooch and this. But now the charges are matriculating, and they have become full-on sexual assault charges.

If that doesn’t work, I fully expect a charge of rape to eventually be forthcoming. “Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is denying that he ever met the woman who on Monday accused him of sexually assaulting her in a diner parking lot in 1977 when she was an underage teenager, calling her allegations ‘absolutely false,’ despite his apparent signature in her high school yearbook. ‘I can tell you without hesitation this is absolutely false. I never did what she said I did. I don’t even know the woman.

“‘I don’t know anything about her,’ Moore told reporters during a short press conference with his wife, Kayla Moore, standing by his side. His remarks come after a press conference with lawyer Gloria Allred earlier on Monday where Beverly Young Nelson became the fifth woman to publicly accuse Moore of sexual misconduct when she was a 16-year-old high school student.” What happened was that she was working at the diner. Her shift ended. It was late.

Her boyfriend was supposed to pick her up but he didn’t show or he was late and so Roy Moore said, “Hey, I’ll be happy to take you home.” So she got in the car, and he drove around the back of the restaurant, the back of the parking lot, parked it, locked the doors, and then made moves on her that equal sexual assault. She says she couldn’t get out. Now, you know, I don’t want to get into the nooks and crannies of every allegation here, but I’m gonna tell you:

This is 1977? Somebody tell me: In 1977, were there child locks on the door? In other words, could the driver push a button that would make sure all windows and doors could not be opened? Was that present in 1977, because she says she couldn’t get out. But did child locks…? Were they in 1977 vehicles. I’m trying to remember what I had in 1977. I had a Pontiac… Well, it was a pretty big Pontiac. The car I had didn’t have them in there. But I didn’t drive every car that’s out there. You know, the button on the driver’s side where you can flip it and nobody can open a door.

It’s to protect kids from opening windows and doors when the car is moving. But if that wasn’t present… (interruption) Child-locking mechanisms have been required since 19… (interruption) Contained…? (interruption) Okay. They’ve been in the automobile since the early eighties. They’ve been required, is that what you’re saying? Required in automobiles since the early eighties? Cars have been built with the feature, not required. Cars began to be built with the child lock feature in the early eighties.

So it might be safe to assume that the door she was sitting next to she could have unlocked it, unless Roy Moore had a special custom lock called the female anti-escape lock on the passenger side of the front seat of his car. Well, she says she’s being overpowered. His hands are around her neck. Isn’t that right? Now, every mainstream media article about Moore now includes this phrase “became the fifth woman to publicly accuse Moore of sexual misconduct.”

But I don’t think that’s quite right. I think only one woman has accused him of sexual misconduct. The other three women claim he dated them or tried to. They specifically said that he didn’t do anything sexual. But every news article now includes the phrase “became the fifth woman to publicly accuse Moore of sexual misconduct.”

See, this is the thing about this story that, without even commenting on Moore’s guilt or innocence, it’s so obvious what’s happening here. It’s just patently obvious. They don’t want this guy in Washington. Nobody wants this guy elected anywhere near either political party. The establishment doesn’t. To hell with what the people of Alabama have done voting-wise. To hell with what the voters of Alabama want to happen, that it doesn’t matter. The parties do not want this guy anywhere near.

The latest is — believe this. Apparently if the Republican Party of Alabama, after the election, if Roy Moore wins it, they can essentially say, “You know what? We were not represened. This guy is not a Republican.” They can void the election outcome by simply claiming that he was not a Republican or that they don’t sanction the result because he’s not a Republican or he doesn’t represent, whatever. If the party pulls out and does not allow Moore the identification, then apparently they can void the election and start the whole process over.

So you’ve got McConnell responding to Bannon. There’s no question that’s a lot of what this is. But you’ve also got the swamp. Nobody in either party wanting this guy anywhere near Washington, DC. And it doesn’t matter what the voters want. It doesn’t matter. Just on the basis of allegations, it doesn’t matter, because there isn’t a conviction, there isn’t without-a-doubt proof or any of that. It’s just that they don’t want this guy anywhere near there. And that’s what they’re gonna make happen.

This is a microcosm of what they’re trying to do to Trump. They’re essentially trying to say Trump is not fit, Trump is not worthy, Trump is not justified. There’s a coup that’s been underway to essentially disregard the duly constituted presidential election of 2016.


RUSH: “Senate GOP Campaign Chair Says Roy Moore Should Be Expelled If He Wins.” This is Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado. He’s chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. There’s one of these in the House and Senate. There’s one for the Democrats. In the House it’s the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee. In the Senate it’s the Republican senatorial campaign.

There’s always a different guy every election cycle that’s nominated to head up the effort. And his one job is to get every Republican possible elected to either the House or the Senate. There’s nothing illegal about it; there’s no funny business about it. It’s not something that only one party does. It’s like a PAC that they run themselves. And the guy running the Republican version of this in the Senate, Cory Gardner, said that Roy Moore should be expelled from the Senate even if he wins.

What that means is that the Republicans will kick Moore out if he wins. But don’t talk about it, because that might just make more people vote for him, so they’re trying to keep this quiet. I’m kind of blowing that to smithereens by announcing their intentions here. They are worried about blowback, not because there’s so much support for Moore, but because there is so much anger at the Republican establishment right now that denying them what they want is a significant motivator for Republican voters.

Now, here’s the story about the local GOP in the state of Alabama. On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News @ Night, Alabama, Secretary of State John Merrill said the Alabama Republican Party can formally pull its support for Moore, and if that happens and Moore still gets the most votes, the election would be null and void. This guy said that Moore could withdraw from the race or the state Republican Party could formally pull its support. That’s all it would take.

If the Alabama Republican Party formally pulls its support by filing papers, “We no longer as a party support Judge Moore,” then if he wins, the victory is null and void. Did you know that? Well, it is. Merrill further stated that if that happens and Moore receives the most votes, quote, “Our election would be declared null and void and Governor Ivey would have to call another special election, and we would start the process all over again.”

And, of course, what does this mean? It means, so what, the will of the people, so what, what the voters say. Votes don’t matter to us. If we don’t like the guy and we formally renounce our support, the votes don’t matter. These are Republicans. So no matter what the real stories are here and no matter what the evidence is, these guys, these people on the Republican side are making it clear they’re going to prevent this guy from ever being seated in the United States Senate.

Did you know that before 1992 when a lot of this was going on that Judge Moore was a Democrat? You didn’t know that? How about all these people now saying, “Oh, yeah, yeah, everybody here knew about Judge Moore. Oh-ho-ho, yeah, good old boy we’ve known about Judge Moore for a long time.” While he was a Democrat. Nobody said a word. When he supposedly was attracted to inappropriately aged girls, he was a Democrat. For what it’s worth.


RUSH: Mechanicsville, Virginia, as we head back to our sustainable phone lines, this is Tom. Great to have you on the program. How you doing, sir?

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How are you, sir?

RUSH: Fine and dandy. I’m glad you called.

CALLER: What a honor to speak with you, sir. Longtime listener, first-time caller.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. And I’m talking to you on my flip phone from old school, but I love it, but I want to ask you a question. How do they get by with all these accusations. Why can’t these women file a suit for sexual harassment and then they be given the credibility to talk?

RUSH: Well, it’s a good question. It’s not a legal procedure. It is a political procedure that has been practiced and practiced and practiced and refined by —

CALLER: By the Democrats.

RUSH: That’s right. That’s right. Way to fill in the blank on there. The Democrats, the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media. This is probably page two of their playbook, How to Destroy Republicans.

CALLER: I mean, I just don’t understand if they’re getting all these people, why don’t we go the same route against them and play that game if we’ve gotta play that game?

RUSH: Well, you just heard Amanda Carpenter say that we can’t do that because we have Trump. See, we can’t go out there and start blaming the Democrats for being perverts and reprobates because we have a president in our party who is. That’s what she said. And so we don’t have any moral authority to attack pervert Democrats.

CALLER: Well, I tell you what, maybe we ought to get her off our morals a little bit and play the game.

RUSH: Well, this has long been, if not an actual voiced philosophy of the Republican Party, it’s often been the way that they’ve operated. The Republican Party has always been the party of announced and vocalized family values, and all it takes is one minister to have an affair and there goes the whole idea of family values. It busts it up for the whole party. Jimmy Swaggart out there (imitating Swaggart), “I have sinned before you.” And that’s it for the Republican Party.

No more moral authority to go after reprobates like Weinstein and the rest of them on the Democrat side, so the Democrats get away with it ’cause Democrats never tell people they care about family values. ‘Cause they don’t, unless you redefine what a family is. You can choose your sex, you can choose your family, you can choose your borders, you can choose whatever.

But you see the Democrats are being highlighted, not so much elected Democrats, although Bob Menendez has the same charges against him as a Democrat, and he actually is on trial, and you can’t find a word about it in the Drive-By Media.

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