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RUSH: Some days doing the program there are distractions, and I do my best to overcome them. Sometimes those distractions are within my eyesight. Today was one of those days. There were people in tears on the other side of the glass. They were in earnest conversation. Of course, I can’t hear them; I’m speaking to you. But when I’m going on and on about how you negotiate with the ChiComs and how Trump was a champ at it, I’m watching a couple of people cry over there.

I’m saying, “What in the world is going on? Couldn’t these people get a room or drop the shade or something?” So at the top-of-the-hour break had to go in there, had to inquire about it, and I found out that one of them had gone to a movie recently that had disturbed her terribly. What’s the name of this movie? (interruption) A Bad Moms Christmas. Christmas movies are already…? I guess that would make sense. So I said, “What’s so bad about it?”

She said, “I’ve never seen this kind of perversion. I never heard of it, and they showed it. They showed it in the movie, Rush! It’s horrible. It’s just… It’s just… What’s happening to our country?” I said, “Well, what was it?” So it was explained to me, and my reaction was, “That’s not new. I mean, that’s been going on since I was in college, what, 35 years ago, longer, whatever.” I was there for, you know, a couple days.

Apparently, what this movie has done — or what the movie does — is to depict a technique that young people use who want to get drunk or want to get high without having to eat or drink anything. So in this instance bottles of beer are injected into a specific bodily cavity with the aid of a tube. So the beer then is injected at a rapid speed into the colon (which would be the large intestine, for those of you in Rio Linda), thereby avoiding the digestive system. It avoids the esophagus.

You avoid the beer being swallowed down the esophagus into the stomach, being metabolized by the liver and the kidneys doing whatever they do to it, mixing with the bile that exists in your stomach and then on its way to the colon. It just bypasses all of that and gives you a very quick hit. This is a widely known, widely practiced way of achieving rapid intoxication.

And some people do it because they think they’re not gaining weight, they’re not getting the calories, the calories are not being metabolized, not going through the digestive system, and so all the calories in booze and beer are not counting, but the immediate high of the alcohol hit being essentially injected in there is delicious and wonderful. (interruption) What do you mean, you haven’t heard of this, either?

Now, look. I’m such a… as we’ve established, compared to the guys in the news today, I’m pretty dull and boring, but I know about this. I haven’t ever seen it, do not misunderstand. But I know about it. There’s nothing new about this. (interruption) You’re from New York and you never heard of this? Well, it is something that has been generally associated with campus life. It’s not something that responsible adults, except Wall Street adults, will do.

It’s largely — (interruption) I don’t know what the Millennials — good question. Well, did the NFL sell it to ’em? It would depend. Yeah, well, for example, this would not mess with the pizza that you have eaten. You can’t do this kind of thing with pizza, but you can do it with — no, no. I’ve explained this very fashionably and very respectably and there’s no 8-year-old asking, “Mommy, Mommy, what are they talking about?” They’re not interested. I’ve made sure to discuss this in ways that do not violate this program’s family values requirements.

Okay, you were at the movie with your mom and your mom didn’t know about it, you didn’t know about it, you went in there thinking it was gonna be a family movie, A Bad Moms Christmas, a fun movie. It was. I’m sure it was fun for the people doing this. So I guess the lesson is if you’ve never heard of this go see A Bad Moms Christmas and you’ll find out what this is.

Okay. See, it’s just one scene and it had you in tears and you were disturbed for the future of the country and, “Oh, no what’s happening?” I’m just trying to tell you there’s nothing new about this. What’s new is that somebody out there finally got the gonads to depict it on film rather than having it remain something that happens in somebody’s bedroom in a dormitory.

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