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RUSH: How many of you know who George Takei is? George Takei was in the original Star Trek. Anyway, he came out long ago that he was gay. And now there are allegations that he performed lewd illicit sex acts on a male model back in, what, 1914. The guy’s ancient. And he is denying it. He was accused of sexual assault by somebody named Scott Brunton, and Takei is beside himself with frustration there. He doesn’t understand this. He doesn’t remember it. He doesn’t think it happened. He thinks this guy’s making it up, but then he doesn’t think people like him would make things up, they’re too honorable, so he thinks there’s some other explanation.

So George Takei has now settled on the explanation that Russian bots on social media are spreading claims that he drugged and sexually assaulted a male model. No, no! UK Daily Mail, right here it is, U.K. Daily Mail. Russian bots on social media are spreading the claim that George Takei drugged and sexually assaulted a male model.

“In a now-deleted tweet, Takei shared a graph of trending topics among bots. The chart on trends showed ‘Takei’ and ‘George Takei’ high on the trending list. Takei has said the sexual assault allegations against him ‘simply did not occur.’ On Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. lashed out at Takei for accusing Ivanka Trump of playing the victim in June. Over the summer, Takei claimed that Ivanka was playing the victim after she said she was surprised at the ‘viciousness’ that greeted her father’s presidency.”

He had a chart. He had a chart. By the way, the behavior described by this supposed alleged victim of Takei sounds — well, I’ll leave it at that. Well, it just doesn’t sound that out of the ordinary. I don’t know. Whom am I? I don’t know. I’m a stranger to that world.

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