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RUSH: Let’s dial it back to Friday, Fox News Channel, the All-Star Panel with Bret Baier, Special Report with Bret Baier. It’s about Roy Moore. Bret Baier wanted to get — journalists do — a response from both sides whenever there’s a controversial issue out there. And so Bret Baier and the Fox News Channel, Special Report with Bret Baier, the All-Star Panel, they went out and they got Pelosi as their Democrat. And they looked and they looked and they tried to find a Republican, and, apparently, they couldn’t because they used me. A Democrat and Republican to talk about Roy Moore. For the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi. For the Republicans, it’s me. And here’s the bite.

BAIER: This is the House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, and Rush Limbaugh today. Take a listen.

PELOSI: In all of these cases it’s horrible, it’s disgusting, it’s sexual harassment. But, in this case, the hypocrisy of it all, I mean, they all pretend to be this, that, and the other thing, but he publicly espouses himself the Ten Commandments. He should step aside. They should say that too.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The Democrats circle the wagons around their perverts, do everything they can to protect ’em, and the Republicans can’t wait to throw ’em all overboard. The simple fact of the matter is the Republican Party wants this guy gone, but he’s not gonna leave.

RUSH: They had to use me. By the way, I don’t mind; don’t misunderstand. I mean, there’s how many Republicans on Capitol Hill, how many elected Republicans, but where’d they go? They came right here, my friends, to the EIB Network. But it’s true, the Democrats do circle the wagons around their perverts.

In fact, Mike, I need you to be ready standing by on audio sound bite number 6. David Brooks was on the Charlie Rose Show on PBS on Friday night and swerved into something that we have been pointing out here since the 1990s, since the Bill Clinton second term! It was not a focal point of the show, and Charlie Rose didn’t even really react to this when David Brooks said it. David Brooks is the — ahem — conservative columnist at the New York Times and is the conservative half of the Shields-Brooks commentary team on The NewsHour that used to be with Jim Lehrer.

And so what Brooks basically said was the tolerance of Bill Clinton and his sexual scandals made sexual harassment easier. Now, folks, I don’t want to overdo this, but this is something we’ve been pointing out on this program — and not just here — a lot of places. Remember, this happened in 1990, what was it, 6, whenever the Lewinsky thing was. It was right as Fox News was kicking up. Fox News was not even up at half speed yet. That’s how far back ago this was. Fox News kicks off in 1996, the Lewinsky stuff happens about then. So basically it’s some of the conservative websites and blogs. And of course this program and some other talk radio programs that had sprung up.

And I remember every Democrat under the sun came around to defend Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton said (doing Clinton impression), “I did not have sex with that woman, not a single time ever, Ms. Lewinsky, whoever, I did not lie. I did not ask anybody else to lie. I gotta get back to work for the American people.” And everybody believed him. Madeleine Albright, representing Clinton’s cabinet, walked out of the White House, everybody called this woman, this intern, 19-year-old, trailer trash, a liar. I mean, you know the drill.

The Clinton war room and the bimbo eruptions team got going, and everybody in the media and everybody on the Democrat side circled the wagons — just what I said — around the pervert, and they did everything they could. The feminists gave it all up. The feminists totally cashed in every ounce of credibility they had to defend Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton did the same thing. And we warned what this was gonna lead to: the normalization of this kind of stuff, and particularly if it’s practiced by Democrats.

And the point that Brooks is making here and that we all made is that this Hollywood stuff, all of the sexual harassment that we’re hearing about, I mean, some of it predates Clinton, but Clinton getting away — not just getting away with it, not only does Clinton get away with, he was promoted. They went out and they said, “It’s nobody’s business. It hasn’t gotten in the way of him doing his work or his job. It’s just sex. Everybody does it.”

In grand jury testimony Clinton was caught committing perjury, lost his law license for a year. But that is secondary to the fact that everybody involved from the media, the Democrats all the way down did everything they could to defend this guy. And it also normalized the whole concept of a Lewinsky as not being sex.

And so it spread through schools and everywhere, just the actual occurrence of the incident, the Lewinsky, and it became something known as “it’s not even sex, and so it’s not really a big deal.” ‘Cause if you’re not gonna condemn it when it happens in the Oval Office, the president of the United States shtooping an intern, 19 years old, not his wife, when you’re not going to condemn that, you send a message. When you are going to abort 1.3 million kids every year, you’re sending a message, a cultural message. And so Brooks swerves into this with Charlie Rose.

Here it is from the audio sound bite. Charlie Rose says, “You know, all these sexual harassment cases, it’s a significant societal change for sure, David, don’t you think?”

BROOKS: (muttering) The uncomfortable thing for a lot of progressives, frankly, is: How much did the Clinton thing create this whole environment? How much did tolerance of Bill Clinton create the environment in which the rest of this, uhhh, was given permission?

ROSE: How much do you think?

BROOKS: I think it had effect. And if you don’t draw lines in these big cases, then you don’t draw lines in the little cases. You know, we saw Republicans, you know, tolerating what Donald Trump was accused of doing. And today we’re seeing this astounding case where Republicans in Alabama are tolerating what Judge Roy Moore is accused of doing. It’s a sign of how partisanship has replaced everything else. Partisanship can blind you to moral… morality, toward truth. Partisanship has become the, the, the, uh, idol — uh, idol of our time.

RUSH: Let me help out here. I’ll tell you what is uncomfortable is when only one side continues to get away with it. I don’t care what it is. I don’t care if it’s collusion with the issues, like Hillary buying that dossier or Bill Clinton and his cavorting with a 19-year-old intern. If one side, the Democrats, constantly get away with it and are never held to account — and if the media and the Democrats circle the wagons and not only do they tolerate it, but then promote the perp… I mean, Dan Rather. Dan Rather totally made up stories and documents about George W. Bush and the National Guard. He was exposed as having done it. And what did the journalism community do?

They gave him two brand-new awards! They created new awards and had two dinners to honor Dan Rather for his service. They circled the wagons. They knew that if they joined the parade of condemning Rather, they were condemning their own industry. So rather than do that, they circled the wagons, held a couple of awards dinners for Rather, and proclaimed him to be a great journalist and so forth. When one side gets away with it all the time and when one side is rewarded with applause and laughter for getting away with it?

Well, the other side… It’s not an abandonment of morality, but it does have roots in partisanship. It results in the other side doing a sort of, “Look, you do it; we’re gonna do it. You can’t condemn us if you don’t get condemned for it.” This kind of thing. It’s not due to morality here. It’s due to unfairness, and people on our side are tired of watching our people get driven out of office on innuendo and allegation while the Democrats and the media and the world circle the wagons to protect all these perverts.

Now, Brooks is right when he says that the uncomfortable thing for a lot of progressives is the Clinton thing created this whole environment. The left have been forcing the acceptance of more and more sexual deviancy for the last 50 years. They’ve been demanding it; they have been forcing it. They’ve been telling people this or that kind of sexual perversion or deviance, “You must accept, you will like it, you will love it. You will not condemn it.”

But it gets kicked into high gear with the Clinton behavior in the White House 20 years ago, and now we’ve come to the results of that. Everybody is shocked and surprised that we have Hollywood imploding on itself due to massive abuse and deviancy? Are we shocked when we see it everywhere? If you can get away with it in the highest office of the land — if you can win as a result of it, if you can be promoted — what are young people supposed to think — particularly young people who care about being hip and cool and how all of that ends up being defined.


RUSH: Now, I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on this, but David Brooks, Charlie Rose: tolerance of Bill Clinton made sexual harassment easier. Brooks thinks that the whole Clinton experience — getting away with it, being promoted (“What a cool guy! What a great guy!”) — only set the stage and the atmosphere for more and more of it. If you can get away with it at the top, and if you prosper, then what’s the message? All right, David Remnick writing at the New Yorker, the headline: “The Weinstein Moment and the Trump Presidency.”

Yes, the left is settings the stage here. They’re beginning the process of trying to blame Trump for this exploding sexual harassment, not Clinton. David Brooks doesn’t know how deeply he stepped in it. That’s not the meme. The narrative is that this is all Trump’s fault. The massive Hollywood media claims are going to be the Drive-By Media backdrop to take the president out. They’re gonna bypass Clinton and they’re gonna try to attach all of this — Harvey Weinstein, all the rest of this. They’re gonna try to attach this to Donald Trump, and this New Yorker piece here is the beginning phase of this effort.


RUSH: You know, it’s a good point. I’ve been reminded. It may not have actually started with Bill Clinton, although I think in the current generation, the modern era, we’d have to say that it did. But the media made excuses for JFK. I mean, there were women trooping in and out of that White House and Jackie knew about it. And then there was Bobby Kennedy. I don’t know about Marilyn Monroe. I don’t want to get into details about the specific randiness out there, but the point is that when it was with JFK, it was studiously, purposely ignored. Things about FDR were studiously, purposely ignored.

But in both the case of JFK and Bill Clinton, it was after the news was known, after it became known and it was learned, they were promoted and became bigger than ever. And our point all along has been is that that sends a message. Imagine you’re Harvey Weinstein. Now, seriously for just a second. Weinstein doesn’t need — and don’t misunderstand me here — Weinstein doesn’t need any external pushes to engage in this behavior.

But if you’re Weinstein and you are buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy with Bill Clinton and Hillary, I mean, if you’re funding, if you’re raising money for ’em, if you’re bundling and donating yourself, and if you’re traveling around with them on the Lolita Express owned by Jeffrey Epstein, if you’re doing all this stuff, and you see Bill Clinton after getting caught, lionized, celebrated, defended, lied for, and you’re traveling in the same circles and doing similar things, well, why should you expect any different kind of reaction or treatment within that universe, which includes the media.

And for the longest time, everybody did look the other way. Remember, “everybody knew,” is the story. Everybody did look the other way, not to mention Weinstein was bullying people and it seems like he had half of the PR firms and media on his payroll. But he got away with it for all of these years, even though people knew about it. If you’re Weinstein, why do you ever worry about getting caught?

If you’re Weinstein and your big buddy Bill Clinton out there, the big dog, gets to convene the Clinton Global Initiative every year for the express purpose of attracting women from all over the world that come to New York as your playthings. And then if one of them gets too public about it, your wife will come out and destroy them, i.e., Hillary and the bimbo unit, if you’re Harvey Weinstein or somebody else, why wouldn’t you get the idea that you can engage in this stuff with impunity, particularly within that universe of people, the Democrat Party or the American left?

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